Visiting the libraries

The University of Toronto Libraries span across the Mississauga, Scarborough and Downtown campuses. The Library Accessibility Office is based out of Robarts Library, the largest of the many libraries on the Downtown campus.

The following information is primarily intended to assist those planning to visit Robarts Library, but many of these amenities and accommodations are offered across all University of Toronto Libraries.

If you have questions relating to accessibility when visiting a University of Toronto Libraries location other than Robarts Library, we will be happy to inquire on your behalf, or you are free to contact the library you plan to visit directly. 


Before planning your trip to the Downtown campus, check the Building Access Notices website for the latest information on building closures, construction projects, entrance or elevator outages, or other temporary disruptions. 

The University of Toronto campus map indicates accessible entrances and washrooms on all three campuses. Use the Accessibility, Washrooms and Student Spaces filters for added convenience. The University of Toronto's Transportation Services division offers information on accessible parking on the Downtown campus. 

When visiting Robarts or Gerstein Libraries, a valid TCard is required for entry. Visit the TCard Office website for further information on how to obtain a TCard, including how to receive a Braille sticker on your TCard in order to easily identify and orient your card.

If you may need assistance in the case of an emergency, it's a good idea to report your whereabouts to library staff when arriving and once departing. This way, library staff can better assist in an evacuation scenario. 

If you require assistance getting around the library, Robarts Library offers wheelchairs for short term loan at the Loan Services Desk on the 1st floor to all visitors on a first come, first served basis. Please note, a waiver is required to be signed at the time of loan. 

Regrettably, not all areas of our libraries may be accessible when using an assistive mobility device. In such cases, feel free to contact us to investigate what alternate arrangements for equitable access can be made. 

Service animals

Service animals are welcome at all University of Toronto Libraries. 

As recommended by the University of Toronto's Service Animals Guideline, students with an accompanying service animal are encouraged to voluntarily register with their campus accessibility office. Faculty and staff may register with Human Resources and Equity's Health & Well-being Programs and Services division. As part of registration, a sticker is placed on the back of your TCard, identifying your companion as a service animal to the U of T community. 

If you're unable or prefer not to register, we simply ask that your companion always wear the proper vest or harness indicating their status as a service animal. In the rare case that a health and safety operational need arises, we may also ask that you provide us with documentation from a qualifying Ontario health professional to confirm the status of your companion.


Persons with disabilities registered with us who require additional assistance with borrowing from the libraries are eligible to receive the following accommodations from us:

Please contact us directly for more information on how to make use of any of these accommodations. 


The University of Toronto Libraries offer a mix of quiet and group study spaces to accommodate all learning styles. Particular amenities vary from library to library, but it is not uncommon to find individual study carrels, group study rooms, computer workstations and eating areas at all locations.

Robarts Library in particular offers quiet and silent study zones, as well as bookable and drop-in group study rooms. If you prefer to eat as you study, there are permitted eating areas available. Further information on accessible computing

Many University of Toronto Libraries also offer areas which encourage healthy study habits, such as break areas or social seating. Robarts Library and Gerstein Library each offer Reflection Rooms to encourage mindfulness through meditation, yoga or prayer. 

In addition, many study areas in Robarts Library offer adjustable task lighting, some floors offer light therapy lamps, and some computer workstations are height adjustable. Robarts Library also offers portable desk risers which can be signed out from the Loan Services Desk on the 1st floor. Feel free to ask us or attend a tour for specific amenity locations.  

Library Tours

Students are encouraged to attend a library tour for a more hands-on understanding of our facilities. 

We also offer a tour of Robarts Library tailored to students with accessibility needs at the start of each academic term. Keep an eye on our website for upcoming offerings.

If you require any accommodations in order to attend a tour (e.g. a sign interpreter, alternate format, etc.) please let us know and we will arrange for access on your behalf.

–Updated June 26, 2024