Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Statement


University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) is committed to creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment that supports learning, teaching, research and work.  This commitment extends to everyone regardless of race, ethnic group, nationality, socioeconomic status, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, language, religious affiliation, or age. The fulfillment of the library's purpose depends upon an environment of acceptance and mutual respect. Everyone should be able to work, live, teach and learn in a University free from discrimination and harassment.

To create this environment, UTL is dedicated to: 

  • Increasing staff diversity through improved recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion practices
  • Providing opportunities for staff to develop cultural competencies and increase their awareness of unconscious and systemic biases
  • Building and improving relationships with Indigenous communities to better understand our obligations and responsibilities
  • Incorporating the principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act in the design and delivery of services, collections, and physical and online spaces
  • Developing initiatives which promote diversity and inclusion in collaboration with the University’s Equity Offices
  • Removing barriers to support our community members in fulfilling their academic, research, and employment goals