How do I reserve a space in the library for my student club?

The following library space(s) are available to be booked by registered student groups with the University of Toronto for meetings or small gatherings:

  • Student Lounge (1st floor of Robarts Common)
    Capacity: 20 people
    Note: all students entering the space must have a valid TCard.

Make a reservation request

Groups must abide by the following guidelines: 

  1. The spaces are reserved for student groups. Only student groups recognized by the University of Toronto may book the spaces available at the libraries.
  2. Groups with space bookings will abide by U of T Library’s Code of Conduct
  3. Selling of food and/or drink is not permitted.
  4. Banners, posters or other materials may not be attached with adhesive to tables, walls, or columns. 
  5. Groups will need to bring their own office supplies (e.g., tape, scissors, staplers, etc). 
  6. General safety practices consistent with university policy and fire regulations must be observed: 
    • Do not impede the flow of foot traffic through the adjacent area. 
    • Keep doors and pathways clear of obstruction.
  7. Keep noise levels to a minimum so as not to be disruptive of students studying in the area. 
  8. Students using the booked spaces are not permitted to approach or disrupt library users in the area.
  9. Groups may book the spaces for up to three days per month. Two of these days may be consecutive, if space is available. A new booking request must be submitted each month in order to ensure fair distribution of bookings. 

Student groups can also book spaces for their events around campus. Use the Campus Room Finder to see what is available. 

The library reserves the right to cancel reservations if the above conditions are not met, for safety reasons, and/or fire code violations. 

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