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Request items from other institutions (ILL)

If you've searched and are unable to find the items you need in the University of Toronto Libraries collection, you can request books, articles and more via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). We'll search institutions around the world and request a copy for you to view, borrow or download.

Eligibility  |  Place a request  |  Delivery time  |  Contact us


Current University of Toronto students, faculty and staff are eligible to submit requests free of charge. 

Research Readers (excluding Direct Borrowers), Alumni Readers and Associate Member organizations are eligible to submit requests, but charges will apply ($30 per item).

In all cases, requesters will be notified of any charges before we proceed with filling requests. 

Place a request

You can place a request in two ways.

1) Place a request via LibrarySearch

  • You can now make an ILL request directly from LibrarySearch, our library search system for books, audiovisuals, etc.
  • This FAQ will guide you through the process

2) Place a request using RACER 

RACER = Rapid Access to Collections by Electronic Requesting

Login to RACER

  • As of January 2021, the library no longer supports PIN authentication for RACER logins.
  • Please use your library barcode as te RACER User ID  and your UTORid for your RACER password. 
  • How to find your UTORid


Login to RACER using your library barcode and UTORid in the User ID and password fields.

Choose Toronto as Your Library. 

Once logged in, you may search for the item you need, or complete a blank request form instead: Request a Book or Request an Article

Delivery time

It may take staff some time to locate the item that is needed. Once found, electronic materials can typically be delivered to your inbox within the week, while physical materials may take longer depending on where the item is shipping from.

When logged into RACER, check My Requests for updates on the status of your request.

If you need an item quicker than what can be provided, or if we're unable to locate the item for you, you may also try placing a Purchase Request instead. 

Contact us

SERVICE UPDATE: Pick-up services for U of T users have now resumed at all campuses. 

Requests are processed by and may be picked up at the following locations (if not delivered via email):

St. George campus

Robarts Library, first floor Information Desk
Questions? Phone 416-978-2288 or email

Mississauga campus

U of T at Mississauga Library, pickups at Information and Loans Desk
Questions? Phone 905-828-3881 or email

Scarborough campus:

U of T at Scarborough Library, pickups at Information and Reference Desk
Questions? Phone 416-208-5168 or email

Please see the Library FAQ for additional information.

–Updated January 16, 2022