LIRA workstations for library visitors

LIRA workstations for library visitors are not currently available.

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Library & Internet Resource Account (LIRA) workstations allow library visitors to use our computers for academic research.

    Current U of T students, staff, or faculty should use their UTORid and password to login to these computers.

    LIRA workstations are overseen by the Scotiabank Information Commons.

    Users are able to use software on these computers, but may NOT install software.

    How to access the LIRA workstations

    To use the LIRA workstations, library visitors must:

    • Obtain a one day pass to use a LIRA workstation by creating a free LIRA account at a LIRA kiosk
    • Use one of following pieces of ID to create this free account at the kiosk:
      • U of T library card
      • Canadian or US driver's license
      • VISA, Mastercard, or American Express credit card. Note that prepaid cards, gift cards, and other cards with no identifying information are not accepted

    A temporary username and password will be printed out from the kiosk  – visitors should use this information to login to designated and labelled LIRA computers. The username and password will work for 24 hours.

    Locations of LIRA workstations

    Robarts Library

    LIRA kiosks at Robarts Library can be found on the 1st floor next to the main elevators.

    1st Floor
    Quick Print workstations at Printing Kiosks allow LIRA log ins in order to print documents.
    The following are LIRA workstations: ICW051, ICW052, ICW053, ICW116

    2nd Floor
    All 16 CAF computers in the Porticoes are LIRA workstations – RPW201 - RPW208, RPW251 - RPW258.

    3rd Floor
    The LIRA workstations – ROW301 and ROW303 – are located near the down escalators on the 3rd floor.

    8th Floor – Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library
    LIRA workstations in the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library (Rm 8049), are located to the right as you exit the elevators. Follow the corridor to the East Asian Library. The first three computers – EAW801, EAW802, and EAW803 – directly in the centre of the room are the LIRA workstations.

    8th floor – Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library
    LIRA workstations in the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library, are located to the left as you exit the elevators. Turn left when you enter the Library. Two computers near the Reference Desk are LIRA computers – HKW802, and HKW804.

    9th Floor
    The LIRA workstations are located directly behind the elevators on the 9th floor. Exit the elevators, stay to your right. Follow the wall around to LIRA workstations – RSW105, SW106, RSW107, RSW108, and RSW110.

    11th Floor
    To access the LIRA stations on the 11th floor make a left as you exit the elevators. The LIRA workstations are RSW303, RSW304, RSW305, RSW306, RSW307, RSW308, RSW309, RSW310, and SW311.

    13th Floor
    To access the LIRA stations on the 13th floor, make a left as you exit the elevators. The LIRA workstations are RSW503, RSW504, RSW505, RSW506, RSW507, RSW508, RSW509, RSW510, and RSW511.

    Gerstein Science Information Centre

    Gerstein LIRA workstations are located on the main floor in the information area to the right of the entrance. The kiosk is located inside the main entrance by the glass doors.

    There are four standing stations facing the aisle and one sitting station right behind them –  GEW006, GEW007, GEW008, GEW009, GEW025, GEW026

    Engineering & Computer Science Library

    At the Engineering & Computer Science Library, LIRA workstations are located on the 2nd floor in Room 2402. Kiosks are at the south end of the circulation desk.

    There are 4 LIRA workstations – ENW025, ENW026, ENW027, and ENW030, closest to the public printer, near the Information Desk. 

    Bahen Centre for Information Technology

    LiRA workstations are available.

    Saving files

    • Users must bring their own USB keys to save their files.
    • Files can be temporarily saved to the hard drive for emailing to yourself, or uploading to a remote location such as Quercus or the OneDrive storage available with UTmail+ accounts
    • Save your work frequently, and keep a backup copy of your work in a separate location – e.g., another USB key, a home computer.
    • All files on LIRA workstations are deleted regularly, so be sure to email them, upload them, or save them on your own storage device.
    • The Scotiabank Information Commons is not responsible for lost data caused by hardware or software failures.

    LIRA privacy policy

    Personal information is used only as needed for the proper administration of LIRA accounts and related purposes. It is protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

    When credit cards are used, only the first six and last three digits of the card number are collected to identify the card issuer and account number, respectively. When TCards are used, we collect only name, student/staff number and library number.

    Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Help Desk Manager at 416-978-5071 or Room 1105, Information Commons, Robarts Library.

    –Updated February 25, 2022