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UofT Mississauga Library Staff

Our collection supports the research needs of UTM students, faculty and community.


Maria Aleluia

Cataloguing Technician

Michelle Alexander

Information & Loans Technician

Wania Anis

Library Office Assistant

Mary Atkinson

Digital Scholarship Technician

Kenneth Berry

Instructional Technologies Specialist (on leave)

Alison Campbell

Supervisor, Collections Management

Angie Cappiello

Instructional Technologies Specialist

Shane Chan

Assistant Supervisor, Information & Loans

Amelia Clarkson

Media Collections Librarian

Nga Foster

Library Administrative Coordinator

Carmen Genuardi-Binns

Reference & Research Specialist (on leave)

David Gerstle

Reference & Instruction Librarian

Jessica Hanley

Research Services & Science Liaison Librarian

Paula Hannaford

Deputy Chief Librarian, Associate Librarian, Library & Learning Services

Shelley Hawrychuk

Chief Librarian

Lisa Hodgson

Serials Technician

Nalissa Khan

Reference & Research Specialist

Helen E Kula

Head, Finance Learning Centre (FLC) & Instruction

Simone Laughton

Head, Library/Instructional Technologies

Donna Liu

Library Community Development Leader

Catherine MacGregor

Finance Learning Centre (FLC) and Liaison Librarian

Rob Makinson

Coordinator, Library Communications & Liaison Librarian

Permjit (Pam) Mann

Information & Loans Technician

Colin McFarlane

Director, Library Operations

Andrew Nicholson

Coordinator, GIS & Research Data Services

Charlotta Nordfeldt

Information & Loans Technician

Laura Patterson

Acquisitions Technician

Maria Ruiz

FLC Reference & Research Specialist

Dany Savard

Associate Librarian, Collections & Research Services

Mike Serafin

Library Technologies and Liaison Librarian

Tomoko Shida

Archivist (on leave)

Tanya Solomon

GIS & Data Specialist

Harriet Sonne de Torrens

Visual Resources & Liaison Librarian

Dorota Swieton

Supervisor, Information & Loans

Joanna Szurmak

Interim Head, Public Services & Outreach

Rebecca Tunney

Information & Loans Technician

Yayo Umetsubo

Scholarly Communications & Liaison Librarian

Meaghan Valant

Assessment & Liaison Librarian

David West

Information & Loans Technician

Nathan Wolfe

Reference & Instruction Librarian

Candy Yip

Reference & Research Specialist

Chris Young

Head, Collections & Digital Scholarship (on leave)

Kaley Young

Reference & Research Specialist (secondment)

Anne Zajac

Resource Sharing Technician