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Senator Vivienne Poy gives a presentation

Photographic Expressions of Asia—A Special Gift from Dr. Neville Poy

Dr. Neville Poy kindly donated a collection of artistically rendered photographs of urban and rural life in China, Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam, Bhutan, and Thailand to the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library. The donation was primarily for creating a photographic exhibition in the Library that ended with a successful fund-raising event. The photographs were on display in the Library from November 18 to December 3, 2009. On the last day of the exhibition, Dr. Neville Poy and Senator Vivienne Poy gave a PowerPoint presentation titled “Photographic Expressions of Asia” at the Munk Centre to an audience of over 130 people who packed the Vivian and David Campbell Conference Facility.

The presentation featured the photographs on display and many other images that reflect the rapidly changing character of nations in response to globalization. After the presentation the donated photographs were sold for more than $3,500 to benefit the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library.

Dr. Neville Poy is a retired plastic surgeon who was made an Officer of the Order of Canada for his groundbreaking medical achievements, and holds the rank of honourary colonel of the Queen’s York Rangers Regiment of the Army’s reserve forces. He now applies his surgical precision to fine art photography.

Senator Vivienne Poy made significant contributions to founding the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library. This author, entrepreneur, historian, fashion designer, community volunteer, and Chancellor Emerita of the University of Toronto also has a more than full-time job as a Senator in Ottawa.

Senator Vivienne Poy and Dr. Neville Poy have much in common. They are both artists with a love of colour and beauty. They like to travel, meet people, and learn about others. As demonstrated in the presentation, they collaborate nicely—Dr. Poy captures the pictures, and Senator Poy tells the stories.

Jack Leong

photo of Joseph Wong, Carole Moore, Vivienne Poy, Neville Poy and Jack Leong

Top of page: Senator Vivienne Poy talks about Dr. Neville Poy’s photographs.
Above: Joseph Wong, Director, Asian Institute; Carole Moore, Chief Librarian;
Senator Vivienne Poy; Dr. Neville Poy; Jack Leong, Director,
the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library.