Appendix 3: Shakespeare's Three Themes

The sonnets have fifteen forms for the three words:

48 faire
1 fairely
4 fairer
4 fairest
1 fairing
1 fayrest
6 kind
7 kinde
2 kindnesse
39 true
1 truest
5 truly
23 truth
1 truthes
1 truths

The first and third themes were selected withiin Usebase from the complete word-list, were saved as groups named "fairgroup" and "truegroup", and were displayed in KWIC (KeyWord-In-Context) format. The second word-group was selected by means of the query "kind, kinde, kindes, kindnesse ; pos". The "pos" selector generated a preliminary selection list from which occurrences of the irrelevant sense of "kind" (i.e., meaning `type') could be deselected. There were four of these (18.121, 95.7, 109-10, 118.7). Then the word-group was saved as a group named "kindgroup".

faire (48)
sigB1r: sonnet2.10 	an{s}were this faire child of mine | <bkl
sigB1v: sonnet3.5 	is {{s}h}e {s}o faire who{s}e vn-eard wombe |
sigB2r: sonnet6.13 	thou art much too faire, | <bkl 115><pmdv3 14>{
sigB3v: sonnet13.9 	9>Who lets {s}o faire a hou{s}e fall to
sigB4r: sonnet16.11 	worth nor outward faire | <bkl 271><pmdv3 12>Can
sigB4v: sonnet18.7 	7>And euery faire from faire {s}ome-time
sigB4v: sonnet18.7 	euery faire from faire {s}ome-time declines, |
sigB4v: sonnet18.10 	of that faire thou | ow'{{s}t}, |
sigC1r: sonnet19.9 	howers my loues faire brow, | <bkl 318><pmdv3
sigC1r: sonnet21.4 	4>And euery faire with his faire doth
sigC1r: sonnet21.4 	faire with his faire doth reher{s}e, | <bkl
sigC1r: sonnet21.10 	me,my loue is as faire, | <bkl 349><pmdv3 11>As
sigC2r: sonnet25.5	fauorites their faire leaues {s}pread, | <bkl
sigC2r: sonnet26.10 	with faire a{s}pe{ct}, | <bkl
sigD2r: sonnet43.11 	dead night their faire imperfe{ct} {{s}h}ade, |
sigD2r: sonnet45.12 	12>Of their faire health,recounting it to
sigD2v: sonnet46.8 	in him their faire appearance lyes. | <bkl
sigD4r: sonnet54.3 	Ro{s}e lookes faire, but fairer we it deeme 
sigE3r: sonnet68.3 	{{s}i}gnes of faire were | borne, | <bkl
sigE3r: sonnet69.12 	12>To thy faire {fl}ower ad the rancke
sigE3v: sonnet70.2 	was euer yet the faire, | <bkl 1118><pmdv3
sigF1r: sonnet78.2 	2>And found {s}uch faire a{{s}{s}i}{{s}t}ance in
sigF2r: sonnet82.4 	4>Of their faire
sigF2r: sonnet82.5 	5>Thou art as faire in knowledge as in hew, 
sigF2r: sonnet82.11 	11>Thou truly faire,wert truly
sigF2r: sonnet83.2 	therefore to your faire no painting {s}et, |
sigF2r: sonnet83.13 	in one of your faire eyes, | <bkl 1334><pmdv3
sigF3r: sonnet87.7 	cau{s}e of this faire guift in me is wanting, 
sigF4r: sonnet92.13 	ble{{s}{s}}ed faire that feares no | blot,
sigF4v: sonnet95.12 	things turnes to faire,that eies can {s}ee! |
sigG2v: sonnet104.1 	dpr>T<f pr>O me faire friend you neuer can be
sigG2v: sonnet105.9 	1678><pmdv3 9>Faire,kinde,and true,is all my
sigG2v: sonnet105.10 	1679><pmdv3 10>Faire,kinde and true,varrying
sigG2v: sonnet105.13 	13>{ }{ }Faire,kinde,and true,haue
sigG3v: sonnet108.8 	I hallowed thy faire name. | <bkl 1727><pmdv3
sigH3r: sonnet127.1 	not counted | faire, | <bkl 2019><pmdv3 2>Or
sigH3v: sonnet127.11 	who not borne faire no beauty lack, | <bkl
sigI1r: sonnet135.8 	in my will no faire acceptance {{s}h}ine: |
sigI1r: sonnet135.13 	no vnkinde,no faire be{s}eechers kill, |
sigI1v: sonnet137.12 	12>To put faire truth vpon {s}o foule a
sigI2v: sonnet144.3 	is a man right faire: | <bkl 2290><pmdv3
sigI3v: sonnet147.13 	{s}worne thee faire,and thought thee |
sigI3v: sonnet148.5 	5>If that be faire whereon my fal{s}e eyes
sigI4v: sonnet152.13 	{s}worne thee faire:more periurde eye, |
sigK2v: stanza12.83 	when in his faire parts {{s}h}ee didde
sigK4v: stanza30.206 	many a {s}eueral faire, | <bkl 2681><pmdv3
sigK4v: stanza30.208 	th%'annexions of faire gems inricht, | <bkl
sigL2v: stanza45.309 	309>Shewing faire Nature is both kinde and

fairely (1)
sigB2r: sonnet5.4 	that vnfaire which fairely doth excell: | <bkl

fairer (4)
sigB3r: sonnet10.10 	10>Shall hate be fairer log'd then gentle
sigD4r: sonnet54.3 	lookes faire, but fairer we it deeme | <bkl
sigH1v: sonnet119.12 	12>Growes fairer then at
sigK3r: stanza17.117 	made fairer by their place, | <bkl

fairest (4)
sigB1r: sonnet1.1 	2sprt>F<f pr>Rom faire{{s}t} creatures we
sigG3r: sonnet106.2 	of the faire{{s}t} wights, | <bkl
sigH4r: sonnet131.4 	4>Thou art the faire{{s}t} and mo{{s}t}
sigH4r: sonnet131.12 	12>Thy blacke is faire{{s}t} in my iudgements

fairing (1)
sigH3r: sonnet127.6 	2023><pmdv3 6>Fairing the foule with Arts

fayrest (1)
sigK1r: sonnet154.5 	2451><pmdv3 5>The fayre{{s}t} votary tooke vp

kind (6)
sigB3r: sonnet10.11 	is gracious and kind, | <bkl 177><pmdv3 12>Or
sigB3r: sonnet10.1	at lea{{s}t} kind harted proue, | <bkl
sigE3r: sonnet69.11 	eies were | kind) | <bkl 1110><pmdv3 12>To
sigI2v: sonnet143.12 	me,be kind. | <bkl 2284><pmdv3 13>{
sigK4v: stanza27.186 	is nor trew nor kind, | <bkl 2661><pmdv3
sigK4v: stanza30.207 	207>Their kind acceptance, wepingly

kinde (7)
sigG2v: sonnet105.5 	1674><pmdv3 5>Kinde is my loue to day,to
sigG2v: sonnet105.5 	to day,to morrow kinde, | <bkl 1675><pmdv3
sigG2v: sonnet105.9 	9>Faire,kinde,and true,is all my
sigG2v: sonnet105.10 	10>Faire,kinde and true,varrying to
sigG2v: sonnet105.13 	13>{ }{ }Faire,kinde,and true,haue often
sigH4v: sonnet134.6 	he is kinde, | <bkl 2135><pmdv3 7>He
sigL2v: stanza45.309 	Nature is both kinde and tame : | <bkl 

kindnesse (2)
sigC4v: sonnet36.11 	thou with publike kindne{{s}{s}}e honour me, |
sigI4v: sonnet152.9 	of thy deepe | kindne{{s}{s}}e: | <bkl 

true (39)
sigB2v: sonnet8.5 	138><pmdv3 5>If the true concord of well tuned
sigB4v: sonnet17.11 	11>And your true rights be termd a Poets
sigC1r: sonnet21.9 	9>O let me true in loue but truly write, 
sigC2r: sonnet24.6 	where your true Image pi{ct}ur'd lies, |
sigD1r: sonnet40.3 	thou mai{{s}t} true loue call, | <bkl
sigD4v: sonnet57.13 	13>{ }{ }So true a foole is loue,that in
sigE1v: sonnet61.11 	11>Mine owne true loue that doth my
sigE1v: sonnet62.6 	{{s}h}ape {s}o true,no truth of {s}uch
sigE2v: sonnet67.8 	his Ro{s}e is true? | | <bkl 1075><mode
sigE3r: sonnet68.10 	{s}elfe and true, | <bkl 1094><pmdv3
sigE4r: sonnet72.9 	9>O lea{{s}t} your true loue may {s}eeme falce in
sigF2r: sonnet82.12 	1317><pmdv3 12>In true plaine words,by thy true
sigF2r: sonnet82.12 	words,by thy true telling friend. | <bkl
sigF2v: sonnet85.9 	't%is {s}o, 't%is true, | <bkl 1362><pmdv3
sigF4r: sonnet93.1 	thou | art true, | <bkl 1480><pmdv3
sigG1r: sonnet96.8 	for true things deem'd. | <bkl
sigG2v: sonnet105.9 	true,is all my argument, |
sigG2v: sonnet105.10 	and true,varrying to other words, 
sigG2v: sonnet105.13 	true,haue often liu'd alone. |
sigG3r: sonnet107.3 	the lea{s}e of my true loue controule, | <bkl
sigG3r: sonnet108.2 	to thee my true {s}pirit, | <bkl
sigG3v: sonnet110.1 	pr>Las 't%is true,I haue gone here and |
sigG3v: sonnet110.5 	5>Mo{{s}t} true it is,that I haue lookt
sigG4v: sonnet113.14 	}{ }My mo{{s}t} true minde thus maketh mine
sigG4v: sonnet114.3 	mine eie {s}aith true, | <bkl 1816><pmdv3 4>And
sigH1r: sonnet116.1 	the marriage of true mindes | <bkl 1846><pmdv3
sigH1v: sonnet118.8 	that there was true needing. | <bkl
sigH1v: sonnet118.13 	le{{s}{s}}on | true, | <bkl 1890><pmdv3 14>{
sigH1v: sonnet119.9 	ill, now I {fi}nd true | <bkl 1901><pmdv3
sigH2r: sonnet120.10 	{s}ence,how hard true {s}orrow hits, | <bkl
sigH2v: sonnet123.14 	}{ }I will be true di{s}pight thy {s}yeth
sigI1v: sonnet137.13 	}In things right true my heart and eyes haue
sigI3v: sonnet148.2 	with true {{s}i}ght, | <bkl
sigI3v: sonnet148.8 	eye is not {s}o true as all mens:no, | <bkl
sigI3v: sonnet148.9 	can loues eye be true, | <bkl 2360><pmdv3
sigI4r: sonnet150.3 	the lie to my true {{s}i}ght, | <bkl
sigK1r: sonnet154.6 	many Legions of true hearts had warm'd, | <bkl
sigK3v: stanza20.140 	140>Then the true gouty Land-lord which
sigL1r: stanza36.244 	my boa{{s}t} is true, | | <bkl 2723><mode 

truest (1)
sigD2v: sonnet48.2 	tri{fl}e vnder true{{s}t} barres to 

truly (5)
sigC1r: sonnet21.9 	true in loue but truly write, | <bkl 348><pmdv3
sigF1r: sonnet77.5 	gla{{s}{s}}e will truly {{s}h}ow, | <bkl
sigF2r: sonnet82.11 	11>Thou truly faire,wert truly
sigF2r: sonnet82.11 	truly faire,wert truly {{s}i}mpathizde, | <bkl
sigH4v: sonnet132.5 	2103><pmdv3 5>And truly not the morning Sun of

truth (23)
sigB3v: sonnet14.11 	238><pmdv3 11>As truth and beautie {{s}h}al
sigB4v: sonnet17.10 	of le{{s}{s}}e truth then | tongue, | <bkl
sigC4v: sonnet37.4 	of thy worth and truth. | <bkl 597><pmdv3 5>For
sigD1v: sonnet41.12 	breake a two-fold truth: | <bkl 669><pmdv3 13>{
sigD3r: sonnet48.14 	14>{ }{ }For truth prooues theeui{{s}h} for
sigD4r: sonnet54.2 	ornament which truth doth giue, | <bkl
sigD4r: sonnet54.14 	| your truth. | | <mode p> |
sigE1v: sonnet60.11 	of natures truth, | <bkl 969><pmdv3
sigE1v: sonnet62.6 	{s}o true,no truth of {s}uch account, |
sigE3r: sonnet69.4 	4>Vttring bare truth,euen {s}o as foes
sigE4r: sonnet72.8 	8>Then nigard truth would willingly impart<f
sigG2r: sonnet101.2 	thy negle{ct} of truth in beauty di'd? | <bkl
sigG2r: sonnet101.3 	3>Both truth and beauty on my loue
sigG2r: sonnet101.6 	1613><pmdv3 6>Truth needs no collour with
sigG2r: sonnet101.7 	truth to lay: | <bkl
sigG3v: sonnet110.5 	I haue lookt on truth | <bkl 1754><pmdv3
sigI1v: sonnet137.12 	12>To put faire truth vpon {s}o foule a face, 
sigI1v: sonnet138.1 	is made | of truth, | <bkl 2194><pmdv3 2>I
sigI1v: sonnet138.8 	is {{s}i}mple truth | {s}uppre{{s}t} : |
sigI3v: sonnet147.12 	randon from the truth vainely expre{{s}t}. |
sigI4v: sonnet152.10 	of thy loue,thy truth,thy con{{s}t}ancie, |
sigI4v: sonnet152.14 	again{{s}t} the truth fo foule a lie. | |
sigK3r: stanza15.105 	in a pride of truth. | | <pmdv2 stanza16>

truthes (1)
sigB4r: sonnet14.14 	14>{ }Thy end is Truthes and Beauties doome and

truths (1)
sigG1r: sonnet96.8 	1535><pmdv3 8>To truths tran{{s}l}ated,and for