Appendix 4: The Five Additional Words

beautie (21)
sigB1r (A): sonnet2.5       all thy beautie lies, | <bkl 43><pmdv3
sigB1r (A): sonnet2.12      12>Proouing his beautie by {s}ucce{{s}{s}i}on
sigB3v (B): sonnet14.11     11>As truth and beautie {{s}h}al together
sigD1v (B): sonnet41.3      659><pmdv3 3>Thy beautie,and thy yeares full
sigD1v (B): sonnet41.14     }{ }Thine by thy beautie beeing fal{s}e to me. 
sigD4r (A): sonnet53.7      cheeke all art of beautie {s}et, | <bkl
sigD4r (A): sonnet53.10     of your beautie {{s}h}ow, | <bkl
sigD4r (A): sonnet54.1      how much more doth beautie beautious | {s}eeme,
sigE2r (B): sonnet63.13     13>{ }{ }His beautie {{s}h}all in the{s}e
sigE2v (B): sonnet65.3      rage {{s}h}all beautie hold a plea, | <bkl
sigE2v (B): sonnet65.12     his {s}poile or beautie can forbid? | <bkl
sigE2v (B): sonnet67.7      {{s}h}ould poore beautie indire{ct}ly {s}eeke, 
sigF1v (B): sonnet79.10     thy behauiour,beautie doth he giue | <bkl
sigF2r (B): sonnet83.11     I impaire not beautie being mute, | <bkl
sigF4v (A): sonnet95.3      3>Doth {s}pot the beautie of thy budding name? |
sigG2r (A): sonnet101.7     1614><pmdv3 7>Beautie no pen{s}ell,beauties
sigG2v (B?): sonnet104.3    {s}eemes your beautie {{s}t}ill:Three
sigG3r (B): sonnet106.3     1689><pmdv3 3>And beautie making beautifull old
sigG4v (A): sonnet115.7     7>Tan {s}acred beautie,blunt the
sigH3r (B): sonnet127.4     2021><pmdv3 4>And Beautie {{s}l}anderd with a
sigI1v (B): sonnet137.3     3>They know what beautie is,{s}ee where it

beauties (21)
sigB1r (A): sonnet1.2       2>That thereby beauties <f pi>Ro{s}e<f pr>
sigB1r (A): sonnet2.2       trenches in thy beauties {fi}eld, | <bkl
sigB1r (A): sonnet2.9       de{s}eru'd thy beauties v{s}e, | <bkl
sigB1v (B): sonnet4.2       thy {s}elfe thy beauties legacy? | <bkl
sigB2r (B): sonnet5.11      <bkl 97><pmdv3 11>Beauties e{ff}e{ct} with
sigB2v (A): sonnet9.11      159><pmdv3 11>But beauties wa{{s}t}e hath in the
sigB3v (B): sonnet12.11     {s}weets and beauties do them-{s}elues
sigB4r (B): sonnet14.14     is Truthes and Beauties doome and date. | |
sigC1r (B): sonnet19.12     320><pmdv3 12>For beauties patterne to
sigC1v (B): sonnet24.2      387><pmdv3 2>Thy beauties forme in table of my
sigE1v (B?): sonnet60.10    the paralels in beauties brow, | <bkl
sigE2r (B): sonnet63.6      6>And all tho{s}e beauties whereof now he's
sigE3r (B): sonnet68.8      1091><pmdv3 8>Ere beauties dead {fl}eece made
sigE4v (B): sonnet77.1      thee how | thy beauties were, | <bkl
sigF4v (A): sonnet95.11     11>Where beauties vaile doth couer
sigG2r (A): sonnet101.7     no pen{s}ell,beauties truth to lay: | <bkl
sigG2v (B?): sonnet104.14   were borne was beauties {s}ummer dead. | |
sigG3r (B): sonnet106.5     blazon of {s}weet beauties be{{s}t}, | <bkl
sigH3r (B): sonnet127.2     weare it bore not beauties name: | <bkl
sigH3r (B): sonnet127.3     now is blacke beauties {s}ucce{{s}{s}i}ue
sigH4r (B): sonnet131.2     tho{s}e who{s}e beauties proudly make them

beautifull (1/2)
sigG3r (B): sonnet106.3     beautie making beautifull old rime, | <bkl

beautious (9/10)
sigB1v (B): sonnet4.5       74><pmdv3 5>Then beautious nigard why doo{{s}t}
sigB3r (B): sonnet10.7      7>Seeking that beautious roofe to ruinate |
sigC2v (B): sonnet27.12     blacke night beautious,and her old face
sigC4r (A?): sonnet34.1     {s}uch a | beautious day, | <bkl
sigD1v (B): sonnet41.6      <bkl 662><pmdv3 6>Beautious thou art,therefore
sigD4r (A): sonnet54.1      more doth beautie beautious | {s}eeme, | <bkl
sigD4r (A): sonnet54.13     }And {s}o of you,beautious and louely youth, |
sigF2v (B): sonnet84.13     }{ }You to your beautious ble{{s}{s}i}ngs adde
sigG2v (B?): sonnet104.5    5>Three beautious {s}prings to yellow

beautits (1)
sigB2r (B): sonnet6.4       105><pmdv3 4>With beautits trea{s}ure ere it be

beauty (31/33)
sigB1v (B): sonnet4.13      }{ }Thy vnu{s}'d beauty mu{{s}t} be tomb'd with
sigB2r (B): sonnet5.8       | <bkl 94><pmdv3 8>Beauty ore-{s}now'd and
sigB2r (B): sonnet5.11      e{ff}e{ct} with beauty were bereft, | <bkl
sigB2r (B): sonnet7.7       lookes adore his beauty {{s}t}ill, | <bkl
sigB3r (B): sonnet10.14     14>{ }{ }That beauty {{s}t}ill may liue in
sigB3r (B): sonnet11.5      liues wi{s}dome,beauty,and increa{s}e, | <bkl
sigB3v (B): sonnet12.9      9>Then of thy beauty do I que{{s}t}ion make 
sigB3v (B): sonnet13.5      {{s}h}ould that beauty which you hold in
sigB4v (B): sonnet17.5      I could write the beauty of your eyes, | <bkl
sigC1r (B): sonnet21.2      by a painted beauty to his ver{s}e, | <bkl
sigC1v (B): sonnet22.5      5>For all that beauty that doth couer thee, |
sigC4v (A): sonnet37.5      5>For whether beauty,birth,or wealth,or
sigD1v (B): sonnet41.10     10>And chide thy beauty,and thy {{s}t}raying
sigD1v (B): sonnet41.13     }{ }Hers by thy beauty tempting her to thee, |
sigE2r (B): sonnet62.14     my age with beauty of thy daies, | |
sigE2r (B): sonnet63.12     {s}weet loues beauty,though my louers life. 
sigE3r (B): sonnet68.2      1085><pmdv3 2>When beauty liu'd and dy'ed as
sigE3r (B): sonnet68.12     dre{{s}{s}}e his beauty new, | <bkl 1096><pmdv3
sigE3r (B): sonnet68.14     faul{s}e Art what beauty was of yore. | |
sigE3r (B): sonnet69.9      looke into the beauty of thy mind, | <bkl
sigE3v (B): sonnet70.3      3>The ornament of beauty is {s}u{s}pe{ct}, |
sigF4r (B?): sonnet93.13    apple doth thy beauty | grow, | <bkl
sigG2r (A): sonnet101.2     of truth in beauty di'd? | <bkl
sigG2r (A): sonnet101.3     3>Both truth and beauty on my loue depends: |
sigG2v (B?): sonnet104.9    9>Ah yet doth beauty like a Dyall hand, |
sigG3r (B): sonnet106.8     8>Euen {s}uch a beauty as you mai{{s}t}er
sigH3r (B): sonnet127.7     7>Sweet beauty hath no name no holy
sigH3v (B): sonnet127.11    borne faire no beauty lack, | <bkl
sigH3v (B): sonnet127.14    toung {s}aies beauty {{s}h}ould looke |
sigH4v (B): sonnet132.13    will I {s}weare beauty her {s}elfe is blacke, 
sigH4v (B): sonnet134.9     of thy beauty thou wilt take, | <bkl

bright (11)
sigB1r (A): sonnet1.5       to thine owne bright eyes, | <bkl 28><pmdv3
sigC1r (B): sonnet20.5      5>An eye more bright then theirs,le{{s}{s}}e
sigC1r (B): sonnet21.11     not {s}o bright | <bkl 350><pmdv3 12>As
sigC2v (B): sonnet28.9      him thou art bright, | <bkl 459><pmdv3
sigD1v (B): sonnet43.4      4>And darkely bright,are bright in darke
sigD1v (B): sonnet43.4      darkely bright,are bright in darke dire{ct}ed. |
sigD1v (B): sonnet43.5      doth make | bright, | <bkl 692><pmdv3
sigD2r (B): sonnet43.14     }{ }And nights bright daies when dreams do
sigD4r (A): sonnet55.3      {{s}h}ine more bright in the{s}e | contents
sigE2v (B): sonnet65.14     | {{s}h}ine bright. | | <mode p> |
sigI3v (B): sonnet147.13    thought thee | bright, | <bkl 2349><pmdv3

brightnesse (1)
sigI4r (A): sonnet150.4     {s}were that brightne{{s}{s}}e doth not

grace (11/17)
sigC2r (A?): sonnet24.13    cunning want to grace their art | <bkl
sigC2v (B): sonnet28.10     do'{{s}t} him grace when clouds doe blot the
sigD1r (A): sonnet40.13     }{ }La{s}ciuious grace,in whom all il wel
sigD4r (A): sonnet53.13     }In all externall grace you haue {s}ome part, |
sigE2v (B): sonnet67.2      his pre{s}ence grace impietie, | <bkl
sigF1r (B): sonnet78.8      8>And giuen grace a double Maie{{s}t}ie. |
sigF1r (B): sonnet79.2      had all thy gentle grace, | <bkl 1259><pmdv3
sigF4v (A): sonnet96.2      2>Some {s}ay thy grace is youth and gentle
sigF4v (A): sonnet96.3      1528><pmdv3 3>Both grace and faults are lou'd of
sigH4v (B): sonnet132.11    doth thee grace, | <bkl 2110><pmdv3
sigI4r (A): sonnet150.4     doth not grace the | day? | <bkl

graced (1)
sigF1r (B): sonnet78.12     {s}weete graces graced be. | <bkl 1254><pmdv3

graces (5)
sigB4v (B): sonnet17.6      number all your graces, | <bkl 283><pmdv3
sigF1r (B): sonnet78.12     with thy {s}weete graces graced be. | <bkl
sigF4v (A): sonnet94.5      inherrit heauens graces, | <bkl 1501><pmdv3
sigF4v (A): sonnet96.4      mak{{s}t} faults graces,that to thee re{s}ort: 
sigG2v (B?): sonnet103.12   12>Then of your graces and your gifts to

gracious (4)
sigB2r (B): sonnet7.1       the Orient when the gracious light, | <bkl
sigB3r (B): sonnet10.11     thy pre{s}ence is gracious and kind, | <bkl
sigF1r (B): sonnet79.3      3>But now my gracious numbers are decayde, 
sigI1r (B): sonnet135.7     {s}eeme right gracious, | <bkl 2153><pmdv3

gratious (1)
sigE1v (B?): sonnet62.5     no face {s}o gratious is as mine, | <bkl

gratiously (1)
sigC2r (A?): sonnet26.10    10>Points on me gratiou{{s}l}y with faire

sweet (51/55)
sigB1r (A): sonnet1.8       thy foe,to thy {s}weet {s}elfe too cruell: |
sigB1v (B): sonnet4.10      thy {s}elfe thy {s}weet {s}elfe do{{s}t}
sigB2r (B): sonnet5.14      | {{s}t}ill liues {s}weet. | | <mode p> |
sigB2r (B): sonnet6.3       104><pmdv3 3>Make {s}weet {s}ome viall;trea{s}ure
sigB2v (A): sonnet8.9       how one {{s}t}ring {s}weet husband to an other, |
sigB3v (B): sonnet13.4      4>And your {s}weet {s}emblance to {s}ome
sigB3v (B): sonnet13.8      8>When your {s}weet i{{s}{s}}ue your
sigB3v (B): sonnet13.8      i{{s}{s}}ue your {s}weet forme | {{s}h}ould
sigB4r (B): sonnet16.14     by your owne {s}weet | skill, | | <mode
sigB4v (B): sonnet19.2      deuoure her owne {s}weet | brood, | <bkl
sigC2v (B): sonnet26.12     worthy of their {s}weet re{s}pe{ct}, | <bkl
sigC3r (B): sonnet29.13     13>{ }{ }For thy {s}weet loue remembred {s}uch
sigC3r (B): sonnet30.1      Se{{s}{s}i}ons of {s}weet | {{s}i}lent thought,
sigC4r (A?): sonnet35.14    }{ }To that {s}weet theefe which {s}ourely
sigC4v (A): sonnet36.8      it {{s}t}eale {s}weet houres from loues
sigC4v (A): sonnet38.3      3>Thine owne {s}weet argument,to excellent, 
sigD1r (A): sonnet39.10     lei{s}ure gaue {s}weet leaue, | <bkl
sigD3v (B): sonnet52.2      bring him to his {s}weet vp-locked trea{s}ure, |
sigD4r (A): sonnet54.2      2>By that {s}weet ornament which truth
sigD4r (A): sonnet54.4      4>For that {s}weet odor,which doth in it
sigD4r (A): sonnet54.11     to them{s}elues . Sweet Ro{s}es doe not {s}o, |
sigD4r (A): sonnet54.12     12>Of their {s}weet deathes, are
sigD4v (A?): sonnet56.1     1><f 2sprt>S<f pr>weet loue renew thy
sigE2r (B): sonnet63.12     12>My {s}weet loues beauty,though my
sigE3v (B): sonnet71.7      7>That I in your {s}weet thoughts would be
sigE4r (B): sonnet73.4      late the {s}weet birds {s}ang. | <bkl
sigE4v (B): sonnet75.2      2>Or as {s}weet {s}ea{s}on'd
sigE4v (B): sonnet76.9      9>O know {s}weet loue I alwaies write of
sigF1r (B): sonnet79.5      5>I grant ( {s}weet loue <f pi>)<f pr>thy
sigF3v (A): sonnet89.10     10>Thy {s}weet beloued name no more
sigF4r (B?): sonnet93.10    in thy face {s}weet loue {{s}h}ould euer
sigF4r (B?): sonnet93.14    14>{ }{ }If thy {s}weet vertue an{s}were not
sigF4v (A): sonnet94.9      to the {s}ommer {s}weet, | <bkl 1505><pmdv3
sigF4v (A): sonnet95.1      2sprt>H<f pr>Ow {s}weet and louely do{{s}t}
sigG1r (A): sonnet98.5      of birds,nor the {s}weet {s}mell | <bkl
sigG1r (A): sonnet98.11     weare but {s}weet,but {fi}gures of
sigG1v (A): sonnet99.2      <bkl 1576><pmdv3 2>Sweet theefe whence did{{s}t}
sigG1v (A): sonnet99.2      thy | {s}weet that ||{s}mels|| | <bkl
sigG1v (A): sonnet99.15     15>{ }{ }But {s}weet,or culler it had
sigG1v (A): sonnet100.9     Mu{s}e,my loues {s}weet face {s}uruay, | <bkl
sigG3r (B): sonnet106.5     in the blazon of {s}weet beauties be{{s}t}, |
sigG3r (B): sonnet108.5     5>Nothing {s}weet boy,but yet like
sigG4v (A): sonnet114.6     as your {s}weet {s}elfe re{s}emble, |
sigH3r (B): sonnet125.7     7>For compound {s}weet;Forgoing {{s}i}mple
sigH3r (B): sonnet126.4     withering,as thy {s}weet {s}elfe grow'{{s}t}. |
sigH3r (B): sonnet127.7     2024><pmdv3 7>Sweet beauty hath no name no
sigH3v (B): sonnet128.3     3>With thy {s}weet {fi}ngers when thou
sigI1r (B): sonnet136.4     my loue-{s}ute {s}weet full{fi}ll. | <bkl
sigI1r (B): sonnet136.12    {s}ome-thing {s}weet to thee. | <bkl
sigI3r (A): sonnet145.6     tongue that euer {s}weet, | <bkl 2310><pmdv3
sigI4r (A): sonnet151.4     my faults thy {s}weet {s}elfe proue. | <bkl

sweete (4)
sigD1v (B): sonnet42.14     14>{ }{ }Sweete {fl}attery,then {{s}h}e
sigF1r (B): sonnet78.12     Arts with thy {s}weete graces graced be. |
sigG2v (B?): sonnet104.11   11>So your {s}weete hew,which me thinkes
sigI1r (B): sonnet135.4     4>To thy {s}weete will making addition

sweetest (5)
sigC4r (A?): sonnet35.4     canker liues in {s}weete{{s}t} bud. | <bkl
sigD4r (A): sonnet54.12     deathes, are {s}weete{{s}t} odors made: |
sigE3v (B): sonnet70.4      in heauens {s}weete{{s}t} ayre. | <bkl
sigE3v (B): sonnet70.7      Canker vice the {s}weete{{s}t} buds doth loue, 
sigF4v (A): sonnet94.13     13>{ }{ }For {s}weete{{s}t} things turne

sweet-fauor (1)
sigG4v (A): sonnet113.10    10>The mo{{s}t} {s}weet-fauor or deformed{{s}t}

sweetly (2/3)
sigB2v (A): sonnet8.7       7>They do but {s}weetly chide thee , who
sigD1r (A): sonnet39.12     thoughts {s}o {s}weetly do{{s}t} | deceiue.

sweetnesse (2)
sigF4r (B?): sonnet93.12    thence, but | {s}weetne{{s}{s}}e tell. | <bkl
sigH1v (B): sonnet118.5     nere cloying | {s}weetne{{s}{s}}e, | <bkl

sweets (6/7)
sigB2v (A): sonnet8.2       | <bkl 135><pmdv3 2>Sweets with {s}weets warre not
sigB2v (A): sonnet8.2       2>Sweets with {s}weets warre not ,ioy
sigB3v (B): sonnet12.11     11>Since {s}weets and beauties do
sigB4v (B): sonnet19.7      all her fading {s}weets: | <bkl 314><pmdv3
sigF4v (A): sonnet95.4      4>Oh in what {s}weets doe{{s}t} thou thy
sigG2r (A): sonnet102.12    12>And {s}weets growne common loo{s}e

sweet'st (1)
sigH4v (B): sonnet133.4     {{s}l}auery my {s}weet'{{s}t} friend |

worth (20/22)
sigB1r (A): sonnet2.4       weed of {s}mal worth held: | <bkl 42><pmdv3
sigB4r (B): sonnet16.11     in inward worth nor outward faire | <bkl
sigC2r (A?): sonnet25.9     famo{s}ed for worth, | <bkl 412><pmdv3
sigC4v (A): sonnet37.4      my comfort of thy worth and truth. | <bkl
sigC4v (A): sonnet38.9      times more in worth | <bkl 617><pmdv3
sigD1r (A): sonnet39.1      pr>H how thy worth with manners may I |
sigD3v (B): sonnet52.7      {{s}t}ones of worth they thinly placed are, 
sigE1v (B?): sonnet60.14    thy worth,di{s}pight his cruell
sigE1v (B?): sonnet62.7     {s}elfe mine owne worth do de{fi}ne, | <bkl
sigE3v (B): sonnet70.6      6>Their worth the greater beeing woo'd
sigE4r (B): sonnet72.14     nothing | worth. | | <mode p> |
sigE4v (B): sonnet74.13     13>{ }{ }The worth of that,is that which it
sigF1v (B): sonnet80.5      {{s}i}nce your worth<f pi>(<f pr>wide as the
sigF2r (B): sonnet82.6      6>Finding thy worth a limmit pa{{s}t} my
sigF2r (B): sonnet83.8      8>Speaking of worth,what worth in you doth
sigF2r (B): sonnet83.8      of worth,what worth in you doth grow, | <bkl
sigF3r (A): sonnet87.3      Charter of thy worth | giues thee
sigF3r (A): sonnet87.9      owne worth then not | knowing, |
sigG2r (A): sonnet103.3     bare is of more worth | <bkl 1641><pmdv3
sigG3r (B): sonnet106.12    enough your worth to {{s}i}ng : | <bkl

worthier (1)
sigF1r (B): sonnet79.6      the trauaile of a worthier pen, | <bkl

worthinesse (1)
sigD3v (B): sonnet52.13     are you who{s}e worthine{{s}{s}}e | giues

worthlesse (2)
sigF1v (B): sonnet80.11     pi>)<f pr> I am a worthle{{s}{s}}e | bote, |
sigG1v (A): sonnet100.3     furie on {s}ome worthle{{s}{s}}e | {s}onge,

worths (2)
sigE1v (B?): sonnet62.8     all other in all worths {s}urmount. | <bkl
sigH1r (B): sonnet116.8     8>Who{s}e worths vnknowne,although his

worthy (5)
sigC2v (B): sonnet26.12     12>To {{s}h}ow me worthy of their {s}weet
sigC4v (A): sonnet38.6      <bkl 613><pmdv3 6>Worthy peru{s}al {{s}t}and
sigD3r (B): sonnet48.6      6>Mo{{s}t} worthy comfort,now my
sigE3v (B): sonnet72.4      in me can nothing worthy proue. | <bkl
sigI4r (A): sonnet150.14    14>{ }{ }More worthy I to be belou'd of