from Short-Title Catalogue 13675.
Renaissance Electronic Texts 1.2.
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entituled in the former part of

Set out by the authority of the late Queenes Maiestie:
and to be read in euery Parish Church agreeablie.

{P}Printed by Iohn Bill , Printer to the Kings most
Excellent Maiestie
. 1623.
Homilies ensuing.

I.OF the right vse of the Church. Pag. 1
II. Against perill of Idolatry. 11
III. For repayring and keeping cleane
the Church. 77
IIII. Of good workes. And first of Fa­
sting. 81
V. Against gluttony and drunkennesse. 94
VI. Against excesse of apparell. 102
VII. An Homilie of Prayer. 110
VIII. Of the place and time of Prayer. 124
IX. Of Common Prayer and Sacraments 133
X. An information of them which take offence at
certaine places of holy Scripture. 143
XI. Of almes deeds. 154
XII. Of the Natiuity. 167
XIII. Of the Passion for good Friday. 175
XIIII. Of the Resurrection for Easter day. 189
XV. Of the worthy receiuing of the Sacrament. 197
XVI. An Homilie concerning the comming downe of
the holy Ghost, for Whitsunday. 206
XVII. An Homilie for Rogation weeke. 217
XVIII. Of the state of Matrimony. 239
XIX. Against Idlenesse. 249
XX. Of Repentance and true Reconciliation vnto
God. 256
XXI. An Homily against disobedience and wilfull re­
bellion. 275

all Ministers Ecclesiasticall.

FOR that the Lord doeth require of his seruant,
whom he hath set ouer his houshold, to shewe both
faithfulnesse and prudence in his office: it shall bee
necessary that ye aboue all other doe behaue your
selues most faythfully and diligently in your so high
a function: that is, aptly, plainely, and distinctly to
read the sacred Scriptures, diligently to instruct the
youth in their Catechisme, grauely and reuerently to minister his most
holy Sacraments, prudently also to choose out such Homilies as bee
most meete for the time, and for the more agreeable instruction of the
people committed to your charge, with such discretion, that where the
Homilie may appeare too long for one reading, to diuide the same to
be read part in the forenoone, and part in the afternoone. And where
it may so chance some one or other Chapter of the Olde Testament to
fall in order to be read vpon the Sundayes or Holy dayes, which were
better to be changed with some other of the New Testament of more
edification, it shalbe well done to spend your time to consider well of
such Chapters before hand, whereby your prudence and diligence in
your office may appeare, so that your people may haue cause to glorifie
God for you, and be the readier to embrace your labours, to your bet­
ter commendation, to the discharge of your consciences and their