6.32 Verse and Prose

6.32.1 SGML

Consider using the tag <mode type=p v> ... </mode>. This explicit tag is preferable to defining, in a Document-type Definition, a tag such as <pmdv1> ... </pmdv1> as always having the attribute verse because some poems may contain prose.

6.32.2 COCOA

Toggle the text between prose and verse modes of writing by inserting the <mode p v> tag at the point where a change takes place.
<tt stage>Enter Prologue.<tt speech><speaker Prologue>
<mode v>For vs, and for our Tragedie,
Heere stooping to your Clemencie:
We begge your hearing Patientlie.
<mode p><speaker Hamlet><tt sppfx>Ham.<tt speech> Is this a Prologue, or the Poesie of a Ring?
<speaker Ophelia><tt sppfx>Ophe.<tt speech> 'Tis briefe my Lord.
<speaker Hamlet><tt sppfx>Ham.<tt speech> As Womans loue.
<tt stage>Enter King and his Queene.
<mode v><speaker Player King><tt sppfx>King.<tt speech> Full thirtie times hath Phoebus Cart gon round,
Neptunes salt Wash, and Tellus Orbed ground:
And thirtie dozen Moones with borrowed sheene,
About the World haue times twelue thirties beene,