6.13 Dramatis Personae

6.13.1 SGML

Consider using an unnumbered <plydv type="drampers"> to mark the beginning of the dramatis personae and then the <role> and <actor> tags as required. To ensure that the right actor is paired with her role, make the enclose the <actor> tag inside the <role> tag. See TEI P3, pp. 850, 886-87, 1136.
<plydv type="drampers">
<heading>Per{s}on{ae} Dramatis.</heading>
<suhead>MEN By</subhead>
<role>Fainall, In Love with  Mrs. {2}}
  Marwood.<actor>Mr. Betterton.</actor></role>
<role>Mirabell, In Love with Mrs. {2}}
   Millamant <actor>Mr. Verbrugen.</actor></role>
<role>Witwoud,{2}} Followers of Mrs. {2}} Mr. Bowen.
Petulant, Millamant. <actor>Mr. Bowman.</actor></role>
<role>Sir Willfull Witwoud, Half Brother to Wit{\-}{3}}
  woud, and Nephew <actor>Mr. Vnderhill
   to Lady Wi{sh}fort. </actor></role>
<role>Waitwell, Servant to Mirabell. <actor>Mr. Bright. </actor></role>

6.13.2 COCOA

Make the dramatis personae an unnumbered <plydv> and use <tt> tags with the values role and actor for the casting information.
<plydv drampers>
<tt heading>Per{s}on{ae} Dramatis.<tt subheading>
<tt role>Fainall, In Love with  Mrs. [[2-line closebrace]]
  Marwood.  <tt actor>Mr. Betterton.
<tt role>Mirabell, In Love with Mrs. [[2-line closebrace]]
   Millamant  <tt actor>Mr. Verbrugen.
<tt role>Witwoud,[[2-line closebrace]]  Followers of Mrs. [[2-line closebrace]]Mr. Bowen.
Petulant, Millamant.  <tt actor>Mr. Bowman.
<tt role>Sir Willfull Witwoud, Half Brother to Wit\- [[3-line closebrace]]
  woud, and Nephew  <tt actor>Mr. Vnderhill.
   to Lady Wi{sh}fort.
<tt role>Waitwell, Servant to Mirabell.  <tt actor>Mr. Bright.
<tt ->