6.6 Corrections

6.6.1 SGML

Employ the <sic corr="">...</sic> tag to enclose typographical or scribal errors, giving the proposed correct reading within the attribute. TEI P3 provides <corr sic="">...</corr> for editors who prefer to emend the text and record the original reading inside an attribute.

See below under "Scribe's Business" for ways to tag manuscript additions, deletions, changes in hand, and cancellations. Use the <app>...<rdg resp=> ... </rdg></app> tag-group for noting press variants.

<bkdv3 type="line" n="360">errour.  Other pretend that
  the difficulty to vnderstand it, and the <sic corr="hard">h d </sic>{\-}
<bkdv3 type="line" n="361">nesse thereof is
  so great, that it is meet to be read only of Clarkes and lear{\-}
<bkdv3 type="line" n="362">ned men.  As
 touching the first: Ignorance of <f type="bll">GODS<f type="bl"> word, is the

6.6.2 COCOA

Correct readings, preceded by the word sic, may be placed within single quotation marks inside comment delimiters but the text itself should not be emended.
the Elde{st} , re{sp}e{ct}ed , and the Younge{st} 
made wantons ; But in the midde{st} , some 
that are , as it were forgotten , who , man[[sic `many'?]] 
times , neuerthele{ss}e , proue the be{st} . The