Appendix 1: The RET/TEI Header

This example is for The Elizabethan Homilies, vol. 1 of the RET series. The header is based on the TEI header.
<retHeader type="text">
<title>The Elizabethan Homilies.</title>
<author> Anonymous [homilies are attributed to Cranmer, John
     Harpesfield, Thomas Becon, Bishop Bonner, Bishop Jewell, Bishop 
     Grindal, Bishop Pilkington, Bishop Parker] </author>
<sponsor> Centre for Computing in the Humanities.</sponsor>
<principal>Ian Lancashire</principal> 
<role> Editing, proofreading; tagging; editorial introduction.
<name> Ian Lancashire.
<role> Initial data entry.
<name> Claire Smith.
<edition>Version 1.0.
<date>December 10, 1994.</date>
<publisher>Centre for Computing in the Humanities, University of
<date>December 10, 1994</date>
<distributor>Centre for Computing in the Humanities,
     University of Toronto.</distributor>
<address>   Robarts Library,
     University of Toronto,
     Toronto, ON M5S 1A5
<idno type="ISBN"> ISBN 1-896016-00-6
<availability status="free">Copyright 1993, Ian
     Lancashire. Permission is hereby given for free copying of 
     this text for the purposes of research and 
     teaching.  Any commercial use this text,
     or any materials derived from it, must state
     the following: "This text may be obtained 
     online without charge from the University
     of Toronto as Vol. 1 of the Renaissance
     Electronic Texts series."
<seriesTitle>Renaissance Electronic Texts.</seriesTitle>
<resp>General Editor.</resp>
<name>Ian Lancashire.</name>
<idno type="Vol.">1.</idno>
<note>The files total to approximately 2.4Mb.</note>
<title>Certaine Sermons Or Homilies appointed to be read in
     Chvrches, In the time of the late Queene Elizabeth of
     of famous memory. And now thought fit to bee reprinted by
     Authority from the Kings most Excellent Maiestie.</title>
<publisher>John Bill</publisher>
<note>Transcription is made from the facsimile reproduction 
    of the copy in the Margaret I. King Library at the
    University of Kentucky, published with an introduction by 
    Mary Ellen Rickey and Thomas B. Stroup (Gainesville, Florida: 
    Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints, 1968).  Short-Title Catalog 13675.
<projectDesc>Renaissance Electronic Texts consists of 
    old-spelling electronic editions of single manuscript or printed 
    copies of early English works, encoded in SGML or COCOA form for
    scholarly uses.
<samplingDesc>This text is complete.
<correction status="low" method="by tags">
<p>The text has been proofread at least once against the original   by
    someone other than the person who entered the text.
<normalization method=by tags><p> This transcription
    normalizes long-s and different forms of r and does not indicate 
    ligatures, but otherwise it retains the old spelling of the 
    original, including single-character contractions of `the' 
    and `that', which are rendered by RET character codes.
    The goal is a useable transcription of historical document.
<hyphenation eol=all>All end-of-line hyphens are represented 
    by the RET character code {\-}.
<stdValues><p>Dates and number values are not standardized.
<interpretation><p>The bibliographical features of the book
    are encoded, including font, running titles, signatures,
    page numbers, etc., without interpretation.</interpretation>
<refsDecl><p> The canonical reference for material in this book 
    consists of the type attribute of the DIV0 tag in this 
    book (the name of the volume, either 1 or 2), followed 
    by the type attribute of the DIV1 tag (the name of 
    the sermon), the type attribute of the DIV2 tag 
    (the number of the sermon, if any), the number of the 
    P tag, and the number of the LB tag.
<variantEncoding method="parallel-segmentation" 
<p>Only press variants are encoded in RET texts.
<language id="eng">Early Modern English.