6.30 Title Pages

6.30.1 SGML

Consider using the unnumbered <bkdv type="titlepage"> ... </bkdv> tag to enclose the whole titlepage and use within it the following nested tags, as required. See TEI P3, pp. 1199-1200.
<docAuthor> ... <docAuthor>, 
<docTitle> ... </docTitle>, 
<docImpr> (after which employ 
  <pubPlace> .. </pubPlace>, 
  <printer> ... </printer>, 
  <publish> ... </publish>, 
  <booksell> ... </booksell>, 
  <docDate> ... </docDate>, and 
 <edition> ... </edition> tags as called for), and then
<docVol> ... </docVol> and
<imprimat> ... </imprimat>.  

   <bkdv type="titlepage">
appointed to be read in
In the time of the late Queene Elizabeth
of famous memory.
And now thought fit to bee reprinted by
Authority from the KINGS most
Excellent Maiestie.
{P} <printer>Printed by IOHN BILL, Printer to
the Kings most Excellent
Majestie.</printer> <docDate>1623.</docDate>
   <imprimat>>lang type="l">
Cum Priuilegio.</lang>

6.30.2 COCOA

Consider using the unnumbered <bkdv> tag to begin the titlepage, insert the <bkt> tags as appropriate, and close with a null <bkdv> tag.
<bkdv1 gathering1>
<bkdv2 forme00>
<bkdv3 outer>
<bkdv4 sigA1r>
<page 1>
<bkdv titlepage>
<bkdv5 1><bkt title><f 2dpr>SHAKE-SPEARES
<bkdv5 2><f 2sprtl>SONNETS.
<bkdv5 3><bkt edition><f dpr>Neuer before Imprinted.
<bkdv5 4><bkt placepub><f prl>AT LONDON
<bkdv5 5><bkt printer><f dpr>By <f dpi>G. Eld <f dpr>for <bkt publisher><f dpi>T. T. <f dpr>and are
<bkdv5 6><bkt bookseller><f pr>to be {s}olde by <f pi>William A{s}pley.<f prl>
[[Iohn Wright, dwelling at Chri{{s}t} Churchgate.]]
<bkdv5 7><bkt pubdate>1609.
<bkdv ->