6.16 Headings and Subheadings

6.16.1 SGML

Consider using the <heading> ... </heading> and <subhead> ... </subhead> tags for these opening titles or incipits. TEI P3 recommends <head type=""> (pp. 1010-11).
<bkdv3 type="line" n="113">A FRVITFVLL
<bkdv3 type="line" n="114">EXHORTATION TO<f type="r">
<bkdv3 type="line" n="115">the reading and knowledge of holy
<bkdv3 type="line" n="116"><f type="i">Scripture.<f type="r">

6.16.2 COCOA

Consider using the <tt> attributes heading, headingno, incipit, and subheading for the titles or other introductory passages for any section, major or minor.
<tt headingno>2<tt text><mode v>
<f dpr>VV<f pr>Hen fortie Winters {{s}h}all be{s}eige thy brow,
And digge deep trenches in thy beauties {fi}eld,
Thy youthes proud liuery {s}o gaz'd on now,
Wil be a totter'd weed of {s}mal worth held:

<tt heading><mode p>
<f dpr>A Louers complaint.
<tt author><f pil>BY<f prl>
W<f scprl>ILLIAM <f prl>S<f scprl>HAKE-SPEARE<f pr>.
<tt text><mode v>