6.7 Damaged Text

6.7.1 SGML

Consider using the TEI tag <damage type="" extent="" hand=""> ... </damage> to enclose any section of text that has been lost or made illegible (pp. 912-13). This may have attributes such as type (kind of damage), extent (how much text was damaged), and hand (which scribe was responsible).
And wonderly delyuere / and of greet strengthe
And he hadde been som tyme / in chiu<damage type="wormhole"
In fflaundres / in Artoys / and Picardye
If the text cannot be supplied, include nothing between the opening and closing parts of the tag.

TEI also gives the <unclear>...</unclear> tag (pp. 1208-10) text that cannot be made out, although this may be handled better by the <damage> tag.

6.7.2 COCOA

Consider using triple diamond brackets <<< >>> to surround letters or passages that are supplied by the editor but illegible in the original as a result of wormholes, ripping and tearing, washing, etc. If the missing text cannot be supplied, insert spaces for the extent of the damage.
Hath in the Ram / his half cours yronne
And sm<<<a>>>le foweles / maken melodye
That sl<<<epen>>> al the nyght{/} with open Iye
So priketh hem nature / in hir corages