4.4 Punctuation, Delimiters, and Other Marks

Here are the Renaissance characters that may be interpreted as having a non-alphabetic function. The ISO entity references below again appear without their boundary characters, & and ;.

ISO Entity   RET Char.   Description

                        space (word-separator)
nbsp        {}          space (intentional); see TEI P3, pp. 
            .           period, punctus (Oxford, Moxon)
            {.}         raised dot (Oxford)
            ,           comma (Oxford, Moxon)
apos        '           possessive apostrophe (Oxford, Moxon)
            {'}         eliding apostrophe
lsquo       {`}         opening single quotation mark
            {`,}        comma under opening single quotation
                        mark, employed as a word-separator or 
                        caret (Hengwrt) 
            ;           semi-colon (Oxford)
            :           colon (Oxford, Moxon)
            {:}         colon employed as word-separator or 
                        caret (Hengwrt)
            {?}         elevatus (like a question mark without 
                        a period)
            ?           question mark, punctus elevatus (Oxford, 
            !           exclamation mark (Oxford)
hyphen      -           compound hyphen (Oxford, Moxon)
shy         {\-}        end-of-line hyphen
            {-}         hyphen used for censorship purposes
dash        {--}        dash   
sol         /           free virgule/solidus
            {/}         virgule as suffix to word
            //          double virgule
lsqb        [           opening square bracket (Oxford)
rsqb        ]           closing square bracket 
            (           opening parenthesis
            )           closing parenthesis (Oxford)
lcub        {{}         opening brace
rcub        {}}         closing brace
lt          @           opening angle bracket
gt          $           closing angle bracket
            {*}         lowered asterisk/star (Oxford)
ast         *           raised asterisk/star (Oxford, Moxon)
deg         {0}         degree sign, tagged as zero
sect        {sm}        section mark, `o' with lefthand hook at top 
                        and righthand hook at bottom (Oxford, 
dagger      {dg}        dagger (Oxford, Moxon)
ddagger     {ddg}       double dagger
caret       {^}         caret
equals      =           equals sign
            {',}        alternate caret, an opening quotation mark 
                        above a comma (some mss)
            {C}         capitulum (like a capital C with a vertical 
                        stroke through the centre)   
para        {P}         paragraphus (like reversed P)
num         {#}         number sign (Moxon)
plus        {+}         plus-sign
            {/V}        V with slash through left ascender (Oxford)
            {R/}        (Oxford, Moxon)
percnt      {%}         percent sign
bsol        {\}         backslash
dtri        {\~/}       wedge (down triangle)
            {~~}        otiose curled horizontal flourish, often at line-end 
            {==}        double hyphen like equals sign 
hellip      {...}       ellipsis (dotted)