4.3 Letter-numbers

Here are the Renaissance characters that may be interpreted as symbolic alphabetic letter-numbers and their diacritical accents. The ISO entity references below appear without their boundary characters, & and ;.

ISO Entity   RET Char.   Description

            a A         a
acirc       {^a}                                 
agrave      {`a}                                    
aacute      {'a}                                    
auml        {"a}                                 
amacr       {_a}                                 
atilde      {~a}
abreve      {va}   
aelig       {ae}        digraph (Oxford, Moxon)
            {as}        ligature (Oxford)
            b B         b
            c C         c
ccedil      {,c}        c-cedilla
            {ct}        ligature (Oxford, Moxon)
            d D         d
            e E         e
ecirc       {^e}                                 
euml        {"e}                                 
egrave      {`e}                                    
eacute      {'e}                                    
emacr        {_e}                                 
ebreve      {ve}   
            f F         f
fflig       {ff}        ligatured ff (Oxford, Moxon); initially, 
                        regarded as a capital
ffilig      {ffi}       ligatured ffi (Oxford, Moxon)
ffllig      {ffl}       ligatured ffl (Oxford, Moxon?)
filig       {fi}        ligatured fi (Oxford, Moxon)
fllig       {fl}        ligatured fl (Oxford, Moxon)
            {fr}        ligatured fr (Oxford)
            g G         g
            {gh}        yogh
            h H         h
            {_h}        barred-h
            i I         i 
icirc       {^i}                                    
iuml        {"i}                                    
igrave      {`i}                                    
iacute      {'i}                                    
imacr       {_i}                                    
itilde      {~i}
ibreve      {vi}   
ijlig       {ij}        ligatured roman numeral 2 (Oxford)
            {is}        ligature (Oxford)
            j J         j
            k K         k
            l L         l
            {ll}        crossed double-l (Oxford)
            m M         m   
            n N         n   
ntilde      {~n}                                 
            o O         o
ocirc       {^o}                                 
ouml        {"o}                                 
oacute      {'o}                                    
ograve      {`o}                                 
omacr       {_o}                                 
otilde      {~o}
obreve      {vo}   
oelig       {oe}        ligature (Oxford, Moxon)
            p P         p
            {pp}        ligature
            q Q         q
            {q'}        q with acute accent (Oxford, Moxon except 
                        for last)
            {Qu}        (Oxford)
            r R         regular short secretary r with horizontal 
                        bar to right 
            {r2}        secretary r shaped like 2 with hooked left 
            {r3}        secretary r shaped like 3 with a right 
                        hooked ascender 
            {rv}        short secretary r with horizontal bar to 
            {r1}        long secretary r, shaped like the number 
                        1, with horizontal bar to left 
            s S         s
            {s}         long-s (Oxford, Moxon)
            {s6}        secretary terminal s like 6 or sigma 
            {{s}h}      ligatured long-s h Oxford, Moxon)
            {{s}i}      ligatured long-s i (Oxford, Moxon)
            {{s}l}      ligatured long-s l (Oxford, Moxon)
            {{s}p}      ligatured long-s p (Oxford)
            {{s}{s}}    ligatured double long-s (Oxford, Moxon)
            {{s}s}      ligatured long-s and normal s (Oxford)
            {{s}{s}i}   ligatured double long-s i (Oxford, Moxon)
            {{s}{s}l}   ligatured double long-s l (Moxon)
            {{s}t}      ligatured long-s t combination (Oxford, Moxon)
            t T         t
thorn       {th}        thorn 
eth         {d}         eth
            u U         u
ucirc       {^u}                                 
uuml        {"u}                                 
uacute      {'u}                                    
ugrave      {`u}                                 
umacr       {_u}                                 
utilde      {~u}
ubreve      {vu}   
            {us}        ligature (Oxford)
            v V         v
            w W         w
            {w}         double-v w (vv VV)
            x X         x
            y Y         y
            {`y}        y-grave
            {.y}        y with a superior dot (distinguishing it 
                        from thorn)
            {y}         alternate yogh 
            z Z         z
            0 1 2 3     numbers
            4 5 6 7 
            8 9