Ed. Raymond Siemens, Dept. of English,
University of British Columbia, (c) 1994

<l.b><tx hl> N <hl N>

<f r> NArration,
<f bl> declaration, or report.
<f r> nationall,
<f bl> belonging, or consisting of
<l.b> a nation, or kingdome.
<f r> natiue,
<f bl> where one was borne, or naturall.
<f r> natiuitie,
<f bl> birth, or the day of birth
<f r> nauigable,
<f bl> where ships may safely passe, or
<l.b> that may be sailed vpon.
<f r> nauigation,
<f bl> sayling, or passing by water
<f r> necromancie,
<f bl> (g) blacke art, or coniuring,
<l.b> by calling vpon spirits.
<f r> nectar,
<f bl> a pleasant drinke, which is feyned
<l.b> to be the drinke of the gods.
<f r> negatiue,
<f bl> that denieth
<f r> negotiation,
<f bl> trafficke, or busines
<f r> neotericke,
<f bl> (g) one of late time
<f r> (fr) nevewe,
<f bl> a sonne or daughters sonne
<l.b><f r><tx ct> nerue,

<page.break><n 87><fo F8r><f r><tx rt> of hard English words.

<f r> nerue,
<f bl> sinewe
<f r> (fr) nete,
<f bl> fine
<f r> neutrall, <br 2><s y>
<f bl> of neither
<f r> neuter,
<f bl> side: <s n>
<f r> (fr) nice,
<f bl> slow, laysie
<f r> nicholaitan,
<f bl> (g) an heretike, like Nicholas,
<l.b> who helde that wiues should bee com-
<l.b> mon to all alike.
<f r> nominate,
<f bl> to name, or appoint
<f r> (fr) nonage,
<f bl> a childs time, vnder age
<f r> nonresidence,
<f bl> vnnecessary and wifull ab-
<l.b> sence, of any one from his place or
<l.b> charge:
<f r> (fr) nonsuite,
<f bl> not following, or the ending
<l.b> and giuing ouer of a suite
<f r> notable,
<f bl> worthy, meete to be regarded and
<l.b> esteemed:
<f r> notarie,
<f bl> Scriuener, or register
<f r> notifie,
<f bl> to make knowne, or to giue war-
<l.b> ning of.
<f r> notion,
<f bl> inwarde knowledge, or vnder-
<l.b> standing:
<f r> notorious,
<f bl> knowne to all, or made plaine
<l.b> and manifest.
<f r> noyance,
<f bl> hurt.
<f r> noysome,
<f bl> hurtfull,
<f r> nullitie,
<f bl> nothing
<l.b><f r><tx ct> numera-

<page.break><n 88><fo F8v><f r><tx rt> An Alphabeticall table.

<f r> numeration,
<f bl> numbring
<f r> nuncupatory,
<f bl> telling, or declaring any
<l.b> thing.
<f r> nuptiall,
<f bl> belonging to marriage
<f r> nutriment,
<f bl> nourishment