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<!-- The Elizabethan Homilies 1623 -->
<!-- STC 13675 -->
<!-- VOLUME 2.1 -->
<!-- Copy-text: Certaine Sermons, ed. -->
<!-- Mary Ellen Rickey and Thomas B. Stroup -->
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<bkdv3 n="5377"><f t="rl">THE SECOND TOME
<bkdv3 n="5378"><f t="il">OF<f t="rl">
<bkdv3 n="5379">HOMILIES,
<bkdv3 n="5380">OF SVCH MATTERS
<bkdv3 n="5381">AS WERE PROMISED, AND<f t="r">
<bkdv3 n="5382">entituled in the former part of
<bkdv3 n="5383">Homilies.

<bkdv3 n="5384"><f t="i">Set out by the authority of the late Queenes Maiestie: <f t="r">
<bkdv3 n="5385">and to be read in euery Parish Church agreeablie.<f t="i">

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<bkdv3 n="5386"><pubPlace><f t="il">LONDON</s><f t="r"></pubPlace>
<bkdv3 n="5387">{P}<printer>Printed by <f t="i">Iohn Bill <f t="r">, Printer to the Kings most
<bkdv3 n="5388"><f t="i">Excellent Maiestie <f t="r"></printer>. <docDate>1623.</docDate>


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<bkdv t=tableofcontents>

<bkdv3 n="5389"><f t="rl">THE TABLE OF<f t="r">
<bkdv3 n="5390"><f t="i">Homilies ensuing. <f t="r">

<bkdv3 n="5391">I.<f t="bk">O<f t="r">F the right vse of the Church. <f t="i">Pag.<f t="r"> 1
<bkdv3 n="5392">II. Against perill of Idolatry. 11
<bkdv3 n="5393">III. For repayring and keeping cleane
<bkdv3 n="5394"> the Church. 77
<bkdv3 n="5395">IIII. Of good workes. And first of Fa{\-}
<bkdv3 n="5396"> sting. 81
<bkdv3 n="5397">V. Against gluttony and drunkennesse. 94
<bkdv3 n="5398">VI. Against excesse of apparell. 102
<bkdv3 n="5399">VII. An Homilie of Prayer. 110
<bkdv3 n="541">VIII. Of the place and time of Prayer. 124
<bkdv3 n="5401">IX. Of Common Prayer and Sacraments 133
<bkdv3 n="5402">X. An information of them which take offence at
<bkdv3 n="5403"> certaine places of holy Scripture. 143
<bkdv3 n="5404">XI. Of almes deeds. 154
<bkdv3 n="5405">XII. Of the Natiuity. 167
<bkdv3 n="5406">XIII. Of the Passion for good Friday. 175
<bkdv3 n="5407">XIIII. Of the Resurrection for Easter day. 189
<bkdv3 n="5408">XV. Of the worthy receiuing of the Sacrament. 197
<bkdv3 n="5409">XVI. An Homilie concerning the comming downe of
<bkdv3 n="5410"> the holy Ghost, for Whitsunday. 206
<bkdv3 n="5411">XVII. An Homilie for Rogation weeke. 217
<bkdv3 n="5412">XVIII. Of the state of Matrimony. 239
<bkdv3 n="5413">XIX. Against Idlenesse. 249
<bkdv3 n="5414">XX. Of Repentance and true Reconciliation vnto
<bkdv3 n="5415"> God. 256
<bkdv3 n="5416">XXI. An Homily against disobedience and wilfull re{\-}
<bkdv3 n="5417"> bellion. 275

<bkdv3 n="5418"><fw t="catch">AN</fw>

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<bkdv t="preface">

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<bkdv3 n="5419"><f t="rl">AN ADMONITION TO<f t="r">
<bkdv3 n="5420">all Ministers Ecclesiasticall.

<bkdv3 n="5421"><f t="bk">F<f t="r">OR that the Lord doeth require of his seruant,
<bkdv3 n="5422">whom he hath set ouer his houshold, to shewe both
<bkdv3 n="5423">faithfulnesse and prudence in his office: it shall bee
<bkdv3 n="5424">necessary that ye aboue all other doe behaue your
<bkdv3 n="5425">selues most faythfully and diligently in your so high
<bkdv3 n="5426">a function: that is, aptly, plainely, and distinctly to
<bkdv3 n="5427">read the sacred Scriptures, diligently to instruct the
<bkdv3 n="5428">youth in their Catechisme, grauely and reuerently to minister his most
<bkdv3 n="5429">holy Sacraments, prudently also to choose out such Homilies as bee
<bkdv3 n="5430">most meete for the time, and for the more agreeable instruction of the
<bkdv3 n="5431">people committed to your charge, with such discretion, that where the
<bkdv3 n="5432">Homilie may appeare too long for one reading, to diuide the same to
<bkdv3 n="5433">be read part in the forenoone, and part in the afternoone. And where
<bkdv3 n="5434">it may so chance some one or other Chapter of the Olde Testament to
<bkdv3 n="5435">fall in order to be read vpon the Sundayes or Holy dayes, which were
<bkdv3 n="5436">better to be changed with some other of the New Testament of more
<bkdv3 n="5437">edification, it shalbe well done to spend your time to consider well of
<bkdv3 n="5438">such Chapters before hand, whereby your prudence and diligence in
<bkdv3 n="5439">your office may appeare, so that your people may haue cause to glorifie
<bkdv3 n="5440">God for you, and be the readier to embrace your labours, to your bet{\-}
<bkdv3 n="5441">ter commendation, to the discharge of your consciences and their
<bkdv3 n="5442">owne.



<bkdv3 n="5443"><f t="r"><fw t="catch">AN</fw>