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UTEL MLA-Style Bibliography Builder 1.0b
by Dennis G. Jerz

The bibliography builder helps you to fill in a form with the information required to construct an entry for an MLA-style Works Cited list. Help is available for each item on the form. About the UTEL MLA-Style Bibliography Builder.

What kind of source are you using?

  1. Book: an entire work (novel, play, long poem, biography, etc.), published separately.
  2. Selection: a work published in a collection.
  3. Periodical: an article from a journal, magazine, newspaper, etc.

About the UTEL Bibliography Builder

This web document does not attempt to duplicate all the resources available in the MLA Handbook (4th ed.), but rather subdivides the task of constructing a bibliography entry, focusing on one item at a time. The intention is to reduce the need to scavenge through the handbook's 81-page chapter on citation in the hopes of finding a precise model illustrating how to cite a particular source.  Fill in the appropriate form, and push a button to generate a bibliography entry, which you can then paste into your word processor.


Work Cited:

Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 4th ed. New York: MLA, 1995.

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