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This document uses examples (many found in the 4th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers) to explain how to format an entry for an MLA-style "Works Cited" list. It is not intended to be viewed separately, but rather consulted from within the University of Toronto English Library bibliography builder.
Book   Name of Author. Title of Book. [Name of editor, translator or compiler. ][edition. ] Location: Publisher, Year. [page numbers.] 
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Works Cited Example

Josephson 15
Works Cited

Griffiths, Paul. A Concise History of Avant-Garde Music: From Debussy 

     to Boulez. New York: Oxford UP, 1978. 

Southern, Eileen. The Music of Black Americans: A History. 2nd ed. New 

     York: Norton, 1983. 

Tucker, Mark, ed. The Duke Ellington Reader. New York: Oxford UP, 1993. 

---. Ellington: The Early Years.  Urbana: U of Illinois P, 1991. 

Notes on Works Cited example: [Adapted from MLA Handbook, 4th ed., p. 265.]

Author(s) [ none | corporate | none, with ed./trans. | individual | indiv., with ed./trans. | two or more ]

Select from the above list to find the proper format for entering the author of your source.

No Author

Corporate Author: "American Medical Association", "United States. Senate."
No Author; with an editor, translator or compiler: "Smith, John, trans.", "Gilbert, Sandra M., and Susan Gubar, eds."
Individual Author: "Smith, John", "Lee, K.D.", "Brown, Louis Baker, Jr.", "Smith-Woods, Jane B." Editor, Translator or Compiler; with author: "Einstein, Albert. Letters of Albert Einstein. Ed. D. B. Jones."

Two or More Authors: "Smith, John and K. D. Lee, Jr.", "Biggs, Cecil A., Jane Smith-Woods, and L. R. Brown"


Title of Work: (underlined by the Bib-Builder) Twelfth Night, Wallace Stevens: A Collection of Critical Essays
Selection   Name of Author. "Title of Selection." [section date, editor, translator, etc.]  Title of Book. [editor, translator or compiler.] [edition.] Location: Publisher, Year.  Page numbers. 
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Note: if the selection is a play, novel, or other long work, the Title of Selection (above) is underlined, not in quotation marks.

Nemowright 15
Works Cited
Calvino, Italo.  "Cybernetics and Ghosts." The Uses of
     Literature: Essays. Trans. Patrick Creagh. San 
     Diego: Harcourt, 1982. 3-27.
Franklin, Benjamin. "Emigration to America." 1782. The
     Faber Book of America. Ed. Christopher Ricks and
     William L. Vance. Boston: Faber, 1992. 24-26.
Hansberry, Lorraine. A Raisin in the SunBlack Theater:
     A Twentieth-Century Collection of the Work of Its 
     Best Playwrights.  Ed. Lindsay Patterson.  New York:
     Dodd, 1971.  221-76.
Hanzlík, Josef. "Vengeance." Trans. Ewald Osers.
     Interference: The Story of Czechoslovakia in the
     Words of Its Writers. Comp. and ed. Peter Spafford.
     Cheltenham: New Clarion, 1992. 54.
[Adapted from MLA Handbook, 4th ed., 4.6.7.]
Title of Selection: [stories, chapters, short poems] [novels, plays, long poems] [prefaces, afterwords, etc.]

Edition Information for the Selection.
The individual selection you are citing may have its own translator or editor.  The date that the section was first published might also be important.  See examples below.

Edition: "2nd ed.",   "Rev. 3rd ed.",  "Abr. ed."

Location: "Toronto", "Atlanta" [ Unknown | Obscure | Multiple ]

Publisher: "University of Toronto Press",   "O'Reilley & Associates, Inc.",   "n.p." [for "no publisher"]

Year: "1996", "n.d." [for "no date"]

Periodical Name of Author. "Title of Article." Title of Periodical. [Publication Info]: Pages. 
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Smith 12
Works Cited

Craner, Paul M. "New Tool for Ancient Art: The 

     Computer and Music." Computers and the Humanities 

     25 (1991): 303-13. 

"The Decade of the Spy." Newsweek 7 Mar. 1994: 26-27. 

Hallin, Daniel C. "Sound Bite News: Television Coverage 

     of Elections, 1968-1988." Journal of Communication 

     42.2 (1992): 5-24. 

Manegold, Catherine S. "Becoming a Land of the Smoke- 

     Free, Ban by Ban." New York Times 22 Mar. 1994, 

     late ed.: A1+. 

[Adapted from MLA Handbook, 4th ed., pp. 140-145.]

Article Title: "Athletic Merit vs. Academic Merit."

Periodical Title: Toronto Star, PMLA, U.S. News & World Report

Volume & Issue: formats [annual] [several times a year] [weekly or daily]

Date [journal] [weekly or daily]
Page Numbers: 121-28
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