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Lewis Carroll

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Lewis Carroll's Works

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • Selected Poetry of Lewis Carroll (Link to Representative Poetry)

    A Bio-bibliographical note about Lewis Carroll

    "Lewis Carroll is the pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.He arrived at this pseudonym by translating his two first names back into English from Latin and reversing their order. He was educated at Rugby soon after the school had been re-orgainized under Dr Arnold and then at Christ Church, Oxford. He became mathematical lecturer at the same college from 1855 until his retirement in 1881. He was ordained as a clergyman in 1861, but held no benefice and rarely preached.

    "A shy man and handicapped by a stammer his self-consciousness was only lessened in the presence of children, especially girls. Alice Liddell, second of the three young daughters of the Dean of Christ Church, was the greatest among these 'child friends'. On 4 July, 1862, he and another took the sisters out boating and Dodgson entertained his audience with a story which he called 'Alice's Adventures Underground'. This was to appear in print in 1865 as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, accompanied by Sir John Tenniel's atmospheric illustrations. It was followed by Through the Looking Glass (1872), relating the further adventures of Alice with pictures by the same illustrator. He also published the mock-heroic poem The Hunting of the Snark (1876) and the more sentimental Sylvie and Bruno (1889). At the same time he was also the author of several mathematical treatises, of which the most influential was 'Euclid and his Modern Rivals' (1879). Queen Victoria was bemused, rather than amused, to receive one of these, when after the success of the Alice books, she gave him an audience and requested that Dodgson send her his next publication."

    Source: Penguin Web Site (http://www.futurenet.co.uk/Penguin/Authors/96.html). Accessed 10 June 1997.

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    The author's picture is a reproduction of the frontpiece of The Oxford Pamphlets, Leaflets, and Circulars of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. (Compiled and annotated by Edward Wakeling. Charlottesville: UP of Virginia, 1993. Page i. PR 4611 A4 1993 ROBA.)


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