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About UTEL

UTEL (the University of Toronto English Library) is the main undergraduate and graduate site for students and faculty of the Department of English. It was created in 1996 with funds from a grant to Prof. Ian Lancashire from the Provost's Information Technology Courseware Development Fund and with support from the Department of English, chaired by Prof. T. H. Adamowski. The present Chair is Professor Brian Corman.

The prototype UTEL site was set up on the University of Toronto Library Web server in 1993-94 to make available the Department of English teaching anthology Representative Poetry On-line.

UTEL staff for the academic year 1997-98: Marc Plamondon.
UTEL staff for 1996-97: Dennis G. Jerz and Christopher Douglas.
Mark Catt devised the UTEL search engine, which uses databases created with Open Text Corp. Pat. Latest modifications have been managed by Marc Plamondon.
UTEL Director is Prof. Ian Lancashire.

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