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Spiranthes casei Catling & Cruise

(Case's Ladies'-tresses)

The identity of this plant baffled botanists for many years, until it was recognized as a distinct species, the type specimen of which was collected in Muskoka near Bracebridge (Catling & Cruise, 1974). Mostly found in open to partially shaded areas including gneiss outcroppings and ridges, oak barrens, old fields, roadsides and roadside ditches, abandoned sand and gravel pits, and slopes. Usually in much drier sites than Nodding Ladies'-tresses, but is able to tolerate a variety of moisture conditions ranging from dry to wet-mesic. Typically in a sand or gravel substrate with lichens and mosses. Peak blooming period is late August through early September. Fairly common in Muskoka.

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Townships: Morrison Baxter Muskoka Gibson Oakley Ridout

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