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Pogonia ophioglossoides (L.) Juss.

(Rose Pogonia)

In open areas or occasionally in partial shade in bogs, boggy shores, abandoned sand or gravel pits, and ditches along roads or railways. Usually in wet to wet-mesic sites, in sphagnum moss, sometimes with an underlying substrate of sand. Often with Round-leaved Sundew, Spatulate-leaved Sundew, Bog Club-moss, Club-spur Orchid, Large Cranberry, Rhynchospora sp. and Xyris difformis. Usually blooms from late June to mid July. Shows considerable variation in color. Typical pink-flowered plants are common in Muskoka, while white-flowered plants (f. albiflora Rand & Redfield) are quite rare.


Townships: Wood Freeman Oakley Muskoka Morrison Gibson

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