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Listera australis Lindley

(Southern Twayblade)

The Southern Twayblade had not been seen in Ontario from 1902 to 1973, and was discovered in Muskoka shortly after its rediscovery in eastern Ontario (Whiting and Bobbette, 1974.) All known Muskoka occurrences are in open areas in acidic Black Spruce bogs. Often found with Carex pauciflora and Three-leaved False Solomon's-seal on hummocks of sphagnum near the bases of short Black Spruce trees, usually in areas where there are few ericaceous shrubs. At a locality where this species occurs nearby in Simcoe County, it grows in sphagnum beneath Speckled Alder, in partial to full shade. Although it may be found between late May and late July, its peak blooming period is early June, at which time there is less chance that it will be overlooked or obscured by other vegetation such as Virginia Chain Fern. Some bogs may contain as few as three plants. Rare in Canada, Ontario and Muskoka.


Townships: Medora Wood

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