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Cypripedium acaule Aiton

(Moccasin Flower, Stemless Lady's-slipper, Pink Lady's-slipper)

On acidic substrates under variable conditions of moisture and shade. Often associated with coniferous trees, most typically Eastern White Pine. Especially abundant in partial shade or full sunlight on rocky gneissic or granitic ridges, where it grows in thin dry-mesic to mesic loam, sand and/or pine litter with mosses and lichens. Also fairly common near the edges of swamps, in mixed woods of Trembling Aspen, Red Maple, and White Birch, with or without conifers. Less commonly found in Black Spruce bogs, sometimes in wet sphagnum. Blooming dates range from late May in upland sites to late June in bogs. The pink-flowered form is common and widespread in Muskoka, but the albino form (f. albiflorum) is rare in the District.

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Townships: Morrison Oakley Wood

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