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Aplectrum hyemale (Muhlenb. ex Willd.) Nutt.


Muskoka populations of this species are limited to three general localitites in southern and western parts of Beausoleil Island, where a combined total of less than 600 plants has been found (Geomatics International, 1992). Usually occurs in deep shade in rocky old growth deciduous woods that grow on sandy glacial till and are dominated by mature Sugar Maple and American Beech. Most often in moist rich loam and leaf litter near the edges of shallow depressions or small temporary pools, or on gentle rises (Macdonald, 1985). Surprisingly, one station is a colony of 29 sterile plants in second growth mixed woods of Trembling Aspen and Eastern Hemlock with scattered Eastern White Cedar, Red Maple, Sugar Maple and White Birch. Blooms in early to mid June. Rare in Canada, Ontario and Muskoka.


Townships: Baxter

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