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This page comprises material from a prospectus forThe Flora of Muskoka by J. P. Goltz and the late R. E. Whiting, together with additional information compiled by staff of the Vascular Plant Herbarium (TRT) in the the Botany Department of the Royal Ontario Museum.

The page is a tribute to R. E. Whiting's wealth of botanical knowledge, and is based on his personal herbarium now housed in TRT, as well as other Muskoka specimens in TRT and other herbaria. The page will eventually become a server for an online database of the vascular flora of Muskoka District that will correspond to the forthcoming print publication of Goltz and Whiting's annotated checklist.

The page was designed by Sian Meikle (University of Toronto Library) and Tim Dickinson (TRT) so as to meet all of the following criteria:

Users will be the judge of how successfully these criteria have been met, and of how valid these criteria are for a document like this in the first place. Please use the e-mail addresses in the box at the bottom of each page to give us your feedback on these issues.

The page and the database structure were produced by student participants in the Ontario Environmental Youth Corps "Regional Floras of Ontario" project, in collaboration with staff of TRT and the University of Toronto Library (Credits). They will be maintained and developed further by J. P. Goltz and the staff of TRT.

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