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This Web page project is the result of a collaboration between the ROM Botany Department and the University of Toronto Library involving, respectively, Timothy Dickinson and Sian Meikle, together with Andrew Pavacic. The project was facilitated by Julia Matthews, ROM Head Librarian, and Carole Moore, University of Toronto Chief Librarian.

Central to the project is the collaboration of Dr James P. Goltz of the New Brunswick Provincial Veterinary Laboratory, and co-author with the late R. E. Whiting of The Flora of Muskoka (in prep.), as well as Mr Whiting's bequest of his herbarium, notes, and botanical library to the ROM Botany Department.

Funding for the project in the summer of 1995 was provided by Environmental Youth Corps (EYC) contracts YPO402143 and YPO402516 through the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the ROM Botany Department, and the office of the ROM Associate Director - Curatorial. EYC contract YPO402070 provided additional funding during the summer of 1996.

Andrew, the infamous yet charming young engineering student from U of T (and EYC Specialist), was responsible for painstakingly arranging their wealth of botanical knowledge into the elegant and user-friendly network of web pages you're now using. When not adding the zillionth "finishing touches" to the layouts, Andrew spent his summer creating a comprehensive (~70K) software package which now allows herbarium staff to update the database even after the sad occassion of his departure. The software can create dozens of fully-linked HTML documents from information contained in the herbarium database at the press of a button. This online database, then, is always adding new species, and updating old ones with new information. Expect it to grow.

Pauline Batthish, an ever so talented engineering student from U of T was responsible for updating the project with new species as well painstakingly deciphering Andrew's poorly documented code and debugging it. She managed to improve Andrew's updating software with her fresh new approach and amazing programming skills.

Ryan Baxter (EYC Specialist) worked out the system by which the distribution maps are prepared from TRT specimen databases. Jennifer McKim (EYC Environmentalist) obtained and processed the graphics files containing the images that illustrate this document.

As time goes on there are not only updates to this page, but also corrections of errors and organizational glitches pointed out by sharp-eyed users. A list of all these revisions, with acknowledgements, is also available.

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