Workflows GL3.0

Installation Instructions for Updating & Installing Workflows GL3.0

Starting on Sunday August 19, 2007 Workflows GL3.0 will replace Workflows 2003 for all functions. Instructions below cover updating Workflows to GL3.0 and installing Workflows GL3.0.

Instructions for Updating Workflows to GL3.0

If you already have Workflows installed on you workstation you will need to update it to the new version GL3.0 after upgrade is done on the server. To update Workflows please follow steps below.

  • Start workflows and login
  • You should see the message --
    "You need to update workflows, update now?"
  • Click 'Yes' (Update file downloads to you workstation)
  • When you see the message --
    "Change will not be available until you restart your Workstation"
    Click 'OK'
  • Restart Workflows (not workstation), you should see files being unpacked and loaded, then it will ask
    "Update WorkFlows Client?"
    Click 'Yes'
  • When it is done
    click 'Finish', restart Workflows and login. -- Done

If you have any questions with this please contact Wenran Zhang at

Instructions for Installing Workflows GL3.O

NOTE: Installation must be performed while you are logged on as a local administrator for the workstation.

Step 1

  • Download the new installation file by right-clicking with your mouse on the link below:
    Workflows GL3.0 Installation File for Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP
  • A pop up menu will appear, click on "Save" and save the above file to the "C" drive locally on your computer in the directory called C:\temp.
  • Now you are ready to install the Workflows GL3.0 client.

Step 2

  • Double click on the file you have just downloaded in C:\temp and click "Yes" when you see the screen below.
     screen shot 1
  • The screen below indicates the program is being installed and when complete you will get the text "Setup Complete" appearing.
     screen shot 2
  • You are now finished installing the new Workflows client.
  • Click on the Workflows shortcut icon on your desktop to start Workflows.

Help? Contact:
Thomas Chan
Information Technology Services
Robarts Library
Phone: 416-978-7635

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