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Biswajit Ganguly
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       Environmental Peace Review

Welcome to the Environmental Peace Review Home Page
It is a great pleasure to publish and present our new venture: 
Environmental Peace Review

The Review is associated with the Journal of Environmental Peace (JEP). This scholarly International journal has received International recognition since its creation in 2000 by Biswajit (Bob) Ganguly and Roger Hansell. The journal publishes original research exploring the relation between environmental conditions, natural resources and human behavior. 

We hope this new monthly Review will fill the need to reach a wider audience interested in the essence of the Environmental Peace concept. The Review is published through the sincere and often inspired efforts of our student-volunteers at the University of Toronto who collect stories from challenging reporters and correspondents covering issues of peace and social integrity throughout the world. The Review will also cover important alarming news for the protection of the society as well as highlight eco-friendly solutions to emergent environmental problems such as global climate change.

The Editors, Toronto, Canada, 2006.

Latest Issue: No.26.  June-July 2007

Issue 25 Contents - NEWS

Recycling and Waste Management by Tania Patel
Toronto ’s Problem with Plastic Bags by Pearl Vas
A Recycling Success Story: The Hot Mix Industry’s Good RAP by Christopher Parsons


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