Environmental Peace: Profiles

Professor Roger I. C. Hansell 

Roger I. C. Hansell has been involved in environmental projects since the 1950s. He was jointly a professor in the Institute for Environmental Studies and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (formerly knowns as the "Department of Zoology") at the University of Toronto, Canada. He officially retired in 2006 and is now Professor Emeritus.

Professor Emeritus Hansell is a director of International Innovation Projects and co-editor of the scholarly Journal of Environmental Peace. He has been Associate Director, Research, and Acting Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies, and served six years as Director of the Graduate Program of Toxicology. In 2002 he became Executive Director of the Noble Institution for Environmental Peace, and along with Professor Biswajit Ganguly, is a founder of the Noble Foundation for Environmental Peace in Calcutta, India.

Professor Hansellís research extends from the problems of integrating ecology with economics, the theory of stability in complex systems, and practical measures to adapt cities for climate change with rooftop and vertical wall gardens.

Professor Hansell has served as visiting professor at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium; University of Leicester, and University of Sussex, U.K., and has lectured at Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

He is an avid Morris folk dancer and musician, sketches, and writes Haiku.  He currently lives in Toronto.