Environmental Peace: Profiles
Professor Anatol Rapoport 

Anatol Rapoport, was born at Lozovaya, Russia, in 1911. In 1934, he received Diploma in Piano, Composition and conducting at Vienna. In 1941 he completed his Ph. D in Mathematics from the University of Chicago. He married Gwen Goodrich in 1949, and has one daughter, and two sons. A prolific writer and a versatile scientist, Rapoport taught in various prestigious universities of the United States, Canada, Poland, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Japan. He was also a Captain of U.S. Air Force. His teaching and research areas include: mathematics, mathematical biology, behavioral sciences, mental health research, peace research, and so on. He was the professor of Psychology and Mathematics of the University of Toronto (1970-1980), and he was the Professor of Peace Studies of the University of Toronto (1984-1996). A truly multi-lingual pioneer, a multi-lingual writer, he wrote profusely in English, and continues to write in the new millennium. His written English books include: Science and the Goals of Man (1950); Operational Philosophy (1953); Fights, Games and Debates (1960); Strategy and Conscience (1964); Two Person Game Theory (1966); N-Person Game Theory (1970); The Big Two (1971); Conflict in Man-Made Environment (1974); Game Theory as a Theory of Conflict Resolution (1974); Semantics (1975); Mathematical Models in Social and Behavioral Sciences (1983);General Systems Theory (1986); The Origins of Violence (1989); Decision Theory and Decision Behavior (1989); Peace: An Idea Whose time Has Come (1992); Certanties and Doubts s(2000). The author of over 300 articles, he also co-authored four books. Rapoport edited referred journals like, General Systems, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Behavioral Science. He was also the President of International Society for General Semantics (1953-55); Society for General Systems Research (1965-66); Canadian Peace Research and Education Association (1972-75); Science for Peace (1984-86). He received Lenz International Peace Research Prize, and Harold D. Lasswell Award for Political Psychology. He is a Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Science; American Mathematical Society; Society for Mathematical Biology; Science for Peace. He lives in Toronto.