Environmental Peace: Profiles

Professor Biswajit Ganguly

Professor Biswajit (“Bob”) Ganguly is a great thinker, philosopher and a humanitarian who has created the concept of “Environmental Peace” with his colleague, Professor Roger Hansell.

Professor Ganguly has Doctoral and Postdoctoral degrees in Applied Science and Engineering. He is an inventor with creative engineering talents covering a wide range of environmentally friendly projects. As an international expert in this field, he has visited and lectured widely around the world in many Universities including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College (University of London).

Professor Ganguly was brought up in a family of consulting engineers in Calcutta, India, and furthered his education and training in Europe and North America.

He has professional fellowships and memberships in various academic and engineering branches. At the University of Toronto, he is a Director of International Innovation Projects (IIP) and founder and well as  Editor of the Journal of Environmental Peace. He is a Research Professor at the State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and  a Visiting Research Professor at the University of Colombia.

Professor Ganguly also founded the Noble Institution for Environmental Peace (NIEP) with Professor Hansell to carry out and support education and research in environment, sustainable development, and peace processes throughout the world.

Professor Ganguly has extensive experience in organizing and directing public and professional meetings with the International Innovation Projects. He is also a professional-level magician, artist and singer who delights in entertaining and teaching.  He currently lives in Toronto.

The following story was published in the University of Toronto Bulletin, March 22, 2004