Journal of Environmental Peace

Issue 5, 2005

Prof. Biswajit Ganguly
Prof. Roger Hansell

Editorial Board
Prof. Barry Adams

Prof. I.B. Turksen
Prof. Jerome Friedman, Nobel Laureate
Prof. Jerome Karle, Nobel Laureate
Prof. Martin Perl, Nobel Laureate
Prof. Ronald Deibert
Prof. Ted Munn
Prof. Thomas Homer-Dixon
Prof. Wangari Maathai, Nobel Laureate
Prof. Yoshio Masui

*Prof. Anatol Rapoport
*Prof. Joseph Rotblat, Nobel Laureate


Other Editorial Members

Editorial Policy


Editorial Policy

Environmental Peace is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed web journal that focuses on peace and inter-relationships with natural and human environments. It welcomes concise works from all disciplines to foster environmental global peace, including:

  • Review works of special or general interest 
  • Short communications in relation to published materials 
  • Brief research notes 
  • Reports on original research 
  • Letters to the Editor 


The total length of the manuscript should be approximately ten double-spaced pages, plus illustrations. All illustrations should be referred to in the text. Longer papers should be designed for division into successive issues of the journal. 
In-text citations should include the first author and year of publication placed in parentheses. For more than one work by the same author in a given year, use the letters a, b, c etc. after the year. The Literature Cited should be listed at the end of the text alphabetically by author and chronologically for a given author. The bibliographic reference should have the following format: 

Journal Articles
Albert, A.B. 2000. Title. Journal 30(2): 100-150. 

Articles in Books
Albert, A.B., Bowman, B.B. & Clark, D.L. 2000. Article Title. In: Dawson, E.F. (ed.), Book Title, 3rd ed. Publisher, City. 100-150. 

Albert, A.B. & Clark, D.L. 2000. Book Title. Publisher, City. 100-150. 

Instructions for Authors

Authors are required to submit the following to
Environmental Peace, Ramsay Wright Bldg., 25 Harbord Street, Suite 505, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G5 

  • A covering letter. The authors may also suggest a list of names of those whom should or should not referee their work, with the understanding that the Editorial Board of Environmental Peace is not bound by such recommendations. 
  • The title page. The title page should contain all authors' affiliations, full contact information for the corresponding author, keywords, and an abstract less than 300 words. 
  • The manuscript. The manuscript and above information may be submitted for initial review by facsimile; however, the original manuscript (including any images) must be mailed in triplicate hard copy and on 3 1/2 inch diskette (Microsoft Word format) to the above address. 
  • Authorizing letter(s) for copyrights (please see below) 


  • Written consent from all sources with rights to the work is required. This consent should also explicitly authorize information centres and libraries to perform photocopying, printing and other publishing functions. 
  • Each author from a university, research institute, or governmental body having rights of the submitted work will give written consent. 
  • Any corporation having rights in the work may appoint an authorized officer to give written consent. 

No publication is possible without appropriate written consent.



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