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Issue 1, 2002

Biswajit Ganguly
Roger Hansell

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News and Views, 2002

IGNORE MISERY AT YOUR PERIL (excerpt from the Toronto Globe and Mail, September 26th, 2001)

"....What are terrorism's underlying factors? They are many, they combine in complex ways and they vary from one incident to another... They include a demographic explosion that has produced a huge bulge of urbanized unemployed young men.... Environmental stresses (especially shortages of cropland and fresh water) that have crippled farming and forced immense numbers of people into squalid urban slums... Chronic conflicts that have shattered economies and created vast refugee camps... Corrupt, incompetent and undemocratic governments... An international political and economic system that's more concerned with oil supply and the interests of global finance than about the wellbeing of human beings. The receptivity of young men to terror's radical message is enormously increased by this legacy of conflict, dislocation and - yes - poverty. As the disparities of wealth and opportunity on our planet widen, this problem is certain to get worse. We live in a seething discontented world, and we ignore that fact at our peril." (Professor T. Homer-Dixon, University of Toronto)

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