The Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto was founded in 1990 out of a desire to strengthen the relationship between the University of Toronto Libraries and the libraries of health care institutions affiliated with the University's Faculty of Medicine. Today, the Consortium's members consist of libraries and information centres of over 35 teaching and community hospitals and health care institutions in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Consortium members cooperate to share resources, information and expertise in order to facilitate their parent institutions' access to integrated knowledge-based information services, in support of their pursuit of excellence in patient care, research and education.


Our members will collaborate to promote advances in health care through optimal use of information resources, technologies and our collective expertise.

Strategic Goals:

  1. To ensure optimal access to electronic and print resources on a consortium-wide basis.
  2. To facilitate effective librarian instruction of clients in the use of knowledge-based resources.
  3. To facilitate the development of standards.
  4. To collaborate with the Faculty of Medicine and other health science faculties to support teaching and research.
  5. To facilitate ongoing communication, professional development and information exchange among all members.
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