Graduate Health Education and Residency Guides Available at the Gerstein Information Desk

This is a list of books and other materials, on graduate health education and residency programs, which are held at the Information Desk on the main floor of the Gerstein Science Information Centre.

Medical and Health School Guides and Directories

Admission Guides for Medical Schools

Residency Program Guides

Examination Guides

Medical and Health School Guides and Directories

Association of American Medical Colleges. Curriculum Directory 1998-1999. Washington, DC: AAMC, 1998.
R834 .A742 1998/99

Boyden, Karen (ed.). Encyclopedia of Medical Organizations and Agencies. 6th ed. New York: Gale Research, 1996.
R712 .A1E53 1996/97

Directory of Medical and Dental Schools Worldwide. 6th ed. New Providence, NJ: U.S. Directory Service, 1995.
R735 .A1D57

Directory of Pathology Training Programs (Residencies and Fellowships) in the United States and Canada, 1998-99. Bethesda, MD: Intersociety Committee on Pathology Information, 1997.
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Guide to Postgraduate Degrees, Diplomas and Courses in Medicine, 1998. Manchester, UK: NACPME, 1998.
R845 .C62 1998

Health Professions Education Directory, 1998-1999. 26th ed. Dover, DE: American Medical Association, 1998.
R847 .A1A5223

Nagy, Andrea and Paula Bilstein (eds.). The Best Medical Schools, 1998 Edition. New York: Princeton Review, 1997.
R745 .S7922 1998

Peterson's 1999 U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools. Princeton, NJ: Peterson's, 1998.
R735.4 .A4P48 1999
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Rappaport, Karen (ed.). Directory of Schools for Alternative and Complementary Health Care. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1998.
R733 .D59 1998X

Varner, Kimberly S. (ed.). Directory of American Medical Education, 1998-99. Washington, DC: AAMC, 1998.
R712 .A1A82 1998/99

Wischnitzer, Saul (ed.). Barron's Guide to Medical and Dental Schools. Hauppage, NY: Barron's, 1997.
R690 .W562 1997

World Directory of Medical Schools. 6th revised ed. Geneva: WHO, 1996.
R735 .A1W62 1997


Admission Guides for Medical Schools

Admission Requirements to Canadian Faculties of Medicine and their Selection Policies. Ottawa: Association of Canadian Medical Colleges, 1998.
R 749 .A6A3 1999/2000

Brown, Sanford J. Getting into Medical School. 8th ed. Hauppage, NY: Barron's, 1997.
R838.4 .B76 1997X

Byrd, William G. A Guide to Medical School Admission. New York: Parthenon, 1997
R838.4 .B97 1997X

Goldstein, Mark Allan and Myrna Chandler Goldstein. The Definitive Guide to Medical School Admission. Weston, MA: Font & Center Press, 1996.
R735 .G65 1996X

Plantz, Scott H. et al. Getting into Medical School Today. 4th ed. New York: Macmillan, 1998.
R838.4 .P53 1998

Rogers, Carla S. How to Get into the Right Medical School. Lincolnwood, IL: VGM Career Horizons, 1996.
R838.4 .R64 1996X

Tysinger, James W. Resumes and Personal Statements for Health Professionals. Arizona: Galen Press, 1999.
R 690 .T96 1999X

Residency Program Guides

American Medical Student Association. AMSA's Student Guide to the Approval and Selection of House Staff Training Programs. 4th ed. Reston, VA: AMSA, 1990.
R840 .A47 1990

Canadian Resident Matching Service Handbook for 1996-97 Postgraduate Year-One Programs at Canadian Medical Schools. Ottawa: CaRMS, 1995.
R840 .P5822 1996-97

Canadian Resident Matching Service Program Directory 1996-97. Ottawa: CaRMS, 1995.
R840 .P5823 1996-97

Directory of Training Programs in Internal Medicine: Residency and Subspecialty Fellowships, 1996. Chicago: University of Chicago Center for Health Administration Studies, 1996.
R840 .D56 1996

Iserson, Kenneth V. Getting into a Residency. 3rd ed. Tucson, AZ: Galen Press, 1993.
RA972 .I74 1993

Miller, Lee T. and Leigh G. Donowitz. 1996-1997 Medical Student's Guide to Successful Residency Matching. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1996.
R840 .M43 1996-1997

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Accredited Residency Programs. Ottawa: RCPSC, 1997.
R840 .A663 1997

US Medical Licensure Statistics and Current Licensure Requirements. 1996 ed. Dover, DE: American Medical Association, 1996.
RA396 .A3U75 1996


Examination Guides

GRE Information and Registration 1999-2000.
Please ask at the Information Desk.

Stein, Michael et al. Cracking the Boards: USMLE Step 1. Princeton, NJ: Princeton Review, 1998.
R834.5 .C72

TOEFL 1999-2000 Information Bulletin for Computer-Based Testing.
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USMLE Bulletin of Information 1998.
Please ask at the Information Desk.

USMLE Bulletin of Information on Computer-based Testing, 1999.
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USMLE 1998 Bulletins of Information for Steps 1 - 3.
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