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Synonyms and Trade Names (Organic)

Gardnerís Chemical Synonyms and Trade Names TP 9 .G28 1999
Located in the Engineering, Gerstein, Chemistry and Earth Sciences Library Collections. 

This is a dictionary of synonyms and trade names, now in its 11th edition. Brief descriptions of each chemical are given with appropriate cross-references.


Merck Index RS 51 M4 1996
Located in the Gerstein Information Desk Collection and the Chemistry Reference Collection. 

This index contains over 10,000 monographs describing significant chemicals, drugs and biological substances. It includes information on toxicity, molecular weight, a formula index, name index and named reaction index. (From preface).


Dictionary of Organic Compounds QD 251 .D495 1996 Vol.1-10
Located in the Gerstein Reference Collection. 

A multi-volume set intended for access to key data for chemists and non-chemists. Entries are by chemical name, which may or may not be the same as the one used in Chemical Abstracts. It provides the chemical name, synonyms, structural formula, hazards and toxicity and bibliographic references. Includes a Name Index, Molecular Formula Index and CAS Registry Number Index. (From preface).


Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds QD 411 D53
Located in the Gerstein and Chemistry Reference Collection. 

Provides the same type of information as the Dictionary of Organic Compounds, for organometallic compounds. It is intended to be a companion to the Dictionary of Organic Compounds.



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