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Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry QD 400 .C65 1984
Located in the Chemistry Reference Collection. 

An eight volume set covering the structure, reactions and use of heterocyclic compounds. It includes signed authoritative articles with literature references.


Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry QD 151.2 .C64
Located in the Gerstein Book Collection and Chemistry Reference Collection. 

This five-volume set is seen as a treatise for service to a wide range of readers, including those not considered professional chemists. The convenience of the reader was paramount in its creation, thus a consistent arrangement of material within the chapters has been adopted.


Comprehensive Organic Chemistry QD 245 C65
Located in the Gerstein and Chemistry Reference Collections. 

A six volume set based on the reactions of organic compounds. The signed articles are each written by experts and include literature references.


Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry QD 411 .C66 1996
Located in the Gerstein Book Collection. 

A nine volume set on the synthesis and structure of organometallic compounds. Volume nine is the structure, author, and formula index.


Concise Encyclopedia of Chemistry QD 4 A2313 1994
Located in the Gerstein Reference Collections
(Also available at OISE/UT Ref 540.3 C744). 

This work offers an overall view of chemistry, offering over 12,000 entries from the fields of general, inorganic, organic, physical and technical chemistry, which is supported by 1,600 figures and 300 tables. It uses internationally valid nomenclature and informs the user of the IUPAC regulation for the naming of chemical elements and compounds. Included are chemical elements, their reactions and compounds, important natural substances, synthetics, pharmaceuticals, dyes, complex atomic and molecular structure of matter, stoichiometry, analysis, catalysis, chemical kinetic reactions, thermodynamics and much more. Hazards of particular substances are highlighted in boxes. (From preface).


Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology TP 9 E658
Latest edition located in the Engineering & Computer Science Reference Collection Earlier edition at Gerstein. 

This multi-volume set consists of articles on chemical substances, either single compounds or groups of compounds. The properties and manufacture of any substance are given in an article, with cross-references to other articles, and are supplemented with a bibliography. (From preface).



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