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Gerstein news
electronic resources newsletter from the Gerstein Science Information Centre

Volume 7, Issue 1/ August 2005    
1. Micromedex
2. e-CPS
3. an@tomy.tv
4. Scholars Portal Search
5. New Ovid MEDLINE features
6. International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) on Ovid

7.New PDA resources

8. Fall Classes
9. MEDLINE/PubMed appointments always available at Gerstein

10. Previous issues

1. Micromedex ® Healthcare Series

Micromedex is an extensive online drug information resource consisting of several integrated databases. Information is gleaned from over 1000 journals. Examples of some of its searchable databases include:

  • DRUGDEX (peer-reviewed, evidence-based information on prescription, nonprescription and investigational drugs)
  • POISINDEX (toxicology and poison management information)
  • DISEASEDEX (evidence-based diagnosis and treatment information)
  • REPRORISK (reproductive risk information)
  • AltMedDex (evidence-based answers to alternative and complementary questions)

These and the many other individual databases may be searched from the MAIN page by clicking the Select Databases button on the lower right hand side of the page.

Other searchable resources include Martindale, PDR, USP DI volumes 1 and 2, and Index Nominum.

There are several ways to search Micromedex:

From the MAIN page, type in the desired keyword search term(s) in the box and click Search. The search will be executed across all Micromedex databases OR individual databases can be selected by clicking the Select Databases button (at the bottom right of the page) and making choices there. (When searching, a space between two words is an implied "and", e.g., Reye's syndrome aspirin will retrieve all three words. Correct clinical terms should be used: compare searching tinea pedis versus athlete's foot, for example.)

To search by a particular category or specific topic, point the curser on any of the tabs across the top of the MAIN page. A drop down menu appears. Click on the appropriate heading(s). For example: the drug interaction tab allows searching for multiple or single interactions. In the case of multiple interactions, a patient profile can be established by entering the various drugs the patient has been prescribed and checking for any potential interactions.

Note that several databases (Drug information, Alternative medicine information, Disease information, and Toxicology information) can be downloaded to a PDA. See the last tab - Formulary and Handheld. The Drug Interaction Tool has to be down loaded separately.

Prepared by Pharmacy Library staff.
For more information, contact Elizabeth Vitek at 416-978-1580

To access Micromedex:
  1. from the Gerstein homepage http://www.library.utoronto.ca/gerstein
  2. select Resources on the top line to go to the all resources page
  3. in the search box, enter: Micromedex
  4. and select Starting with
  5. and click Search

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