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Gerstein news
electronic resources newsletter from the Gerstein Science Information Centre

Volume 6, Issue 2/ January 2005    
1. Web of Science--new features!
2. Ovid AutoAlerts now with direct links to fulltext!
3. Cochrane changes and new features
4. Chemistry resources: SciFinder Scholar & Merck Index
5. MedlinePlus illustrations and patient handouts
6. A First Look at Google Scholar
7.MDConsult Replacement
8. Natural Standard Database for alternative medicine
9. January and February classes of interest to faculty
10.MEDLINE/PubMed appointments always available at Gerstein
11. Previous issue contents

4.Chemistry resources

SciFinder Scholar
Did you know that 21% (4.8 million references) of documents referenced in the Chemical Abstracts Service (CSA) databases deal with biology and life sciences? SciFinder provides access to information on topics such as biochemistry, genetics, enzymology, biotechnology, food sciences, and much more. Answers include both patent and journal article information retrieved from the CAS databases as well as from MEDLINE®. You can select MEDLINE by clicking on the "Database" icon in SciFinder, and then checking it, thereby allowing a simultaneously search with CAS!

eScience® is known as a "dynamic web resource" from CAS that allows the user to extend their search to the web via the GoogleTM, Chemistry.org, ChemIndustry.com, or ChemGuides search engines. Links to scientific news services, science related portals, and electronic publications are also provided.

With SciFinder Scholar, you can locate an article of interest and then extend your search to the Web to further perform a search on your query. When a list of references is displayed, you can view an article of interest as well as click "Get Related". Then, click on the icon, "eScience." Your original search terms will have been automatically added to the eScience® search box and you now have the option to quickly extend your search to the open web with selected search engines.

For detailed instructions about accessing SciFinder Scholar from home you can go to the Chemistry Library webpage http://www.chem.utoronto.ca/facilities/chemlib/index.htm and click "How to access online resources from home computers." Note that you will be asked for your 14- or 16-digit library barcode number and PIN (last 4 digits of your staff/student number) twice during the accessing procedure.

Since there are 5 SciFinder Scholar seats available at U of T, it may take you a few times before you get in.

For an overview of SciFinder Scholar features see: http://www.cas.org/SCIFINDER/SCHOLAR/sfsgetstart.pdf

For more information on SciFinder Scholar, contact Robert Tomaszewski (416) 978-3587 (rtomasze@chem.utoronto.ca)

Merck Index 13th Edition

The Merck Index is a compilation of over 10,000 monographs describing significant chemicals, drugs, and biological substances selected on the basis of present or historic importance and interest. The latest edition of the Merck Index is now available online to the University of Toronto community.

There are over 25 ways a compound can be searched, including under its monograph title, monograph number, CAS registry number, manufacturer, therapeutic category, non-medical uses, and its physical properties. You also have the option of downloading the freely available ChemDraw plug-in which allows you to search for your compound by drawing the structure, substructure, or similarity. Each monograph contains all the familiar information of the print version of the Merck Index.

The online version also gives you the ability to search for Organic Name Reaction by browsing an alphabetical list, or doing a keyword search. There are 23 additional tables available as PDF documents, such as the Chemical Terms Translator, Code Letters, and a Glossary.

You can print each record, although emailing records is not available at this time.

To connect:
go to http://www.library.utoronto.ca/resources/index.html
enter Merck index
select "Starting with" radio button & click Search button

For more information on Merck Index contact ask.gerstein@utoronto.ca


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