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Gerstein news
electronic resources newsletter from the Gerstein Science Information Centre

Volume 6, Issue 2/ January 2005    
1. Web of Science--new features!
2. Ovid AutoAlerts now with direct links to fulltext!
3. Cochrane changes and new features
4. Chemistry resources: SciFinder Scholar & Merck Index
5. MedlinePlus illustrations and patient handouts
6. A First Look at Google Scholar
7.MDConsult Replacement
8. Natural Standard Database for alternative medicine
9. January and February classes of interest to faculty
10. MEDLINE/PubMed appointments always available at Gerstein
11. Previous issue contents
3.Cochrane changes and new features

The Cochrane Library is a collection of databases published by the Cochrane Collaboration, including the full text of the Cochrane Systematic Reviews, a growing full text database of reviews of healthcare interventions. Starting in January 2005, the Cochrane Library will be available exclusively via the new Wiley Interscience site. This marks the conclusion of a year of transition and development, with extensive input from users. It is important to note that this new site will have the most up to date comments, revisions, or withdrawals of Cochrane Systematic Reviews.

Some improvements over the previous version:

  • When examining results under the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, protocols are marked with a P, and reviews with an R. No longer do you need to double click to see results.
  • It is now possible to edit a search strategy. Select Search History; then choose the search strategy to edit.
  • Cochrane Advanced Search now allows you to search easily within specific fields as well as within specific databases.
  • Cochrane Advanced Search page has a very useful list of "Search Tips" on the right side of the screen. For example, Tip #7 explains how to search the text of thefull record for words that occur within a certain distance of one another. This is a very effective technique for searching large full text articles like the Cochrane Systematic Reviews.
  • In terms of content, one change is that the list of references is no longer searched.
  • Previously to look at the outline of the article, you would need to click on the Outline button at the top of the page. Now after selecting the record, the outline automatically appears on the left hand side of the screen.
  • You can sort by the type of document you wish to see.
  • Reviews are now available in PDF format.
  • E-mail alerts can be set up for registered users. On the Saved Searches page there is an activate/stop toggle button for alert status. Once activated, you will receive an email when a new document is published in the Cochrane Library.
  • Under the Special Features section on the right hand side of the main page there is:
    1. A direct link to a Permission Request Form (PDF) used to request copyright permission from Cochrane. Requesters must also contact the authors directly before republishing material from Cochrane.
    2. Information pertinent for reviewers is found by clicking For Reviewers.

See the Quick guide to differences in search behavior (Wiley Interscience) [PDF]

See also Wiley's complete Cochrane help.

To connect to Cochrane, go to the Gerstein home page and click on Cochrane in the Medical databases column.

For more information on the new Cochrane interface, contact us at ask.gerstein@utoronto.ca


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