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Gerstein news
electronic resources newsletter from the Gerstein Science Information Centre

Volume 6, Issue 2/ January 2005    
1. Web of Science--new features!
2. Ovid AutoAlerts now with direct links to fulltext!
3. Cochrane changes and new features
4. Chemistry resources: SciFinder Scholar & Merck Index
5. MedlinePlus illustrations and patient handouts
6. A First Look at Google Scholar
7.MDConsult Replacement
8. Natural Standard Database for alternative medicine
9. January and February classes of interest to faculty
10. MEDLINE/PubMed appointments always available at Gerstein
11. Previous issue contents
2.Ovid AutoAlerts now with direct links to fulltext

The Ovid AutoAlerts function emails weekly lists of citations based on your particular search strategy from many databases including MEDLINE. As of November 24, 2004, links to full text articles are available from the AutoAlerts on and off campus and you can connect to these full text articles directly from your AutoAlert email message. For off campus users, this will simply require your my.access login and password.

To enter a search strategy, in-put your library number from your TCard/library card twice and click the black OVID logo when you login. Conduct your search. Then:

  • select SAVE SEARCH HISTORY under the search box
  • In the Type drop menu, select AutoAlert(SDI)
  • When choosing the report type, it is recommended that you select the second option "Email includes records, a Titles Display Link, and a link to each record's Full text or Complete Reference Display".
Each email alert will then contain two types of links: a link at the top of the message will re-execute your search if you wish to do so; the other link will appear at the end of each citation and will lead you directly to a display of the full text of the article or a complete reference.

If you set up your AutoAlerts prior to November 24, 2004, you will have to re-input your search strategy and the full text links will appear with each subsequent email.

For more information on OVID AutoAlerts, contact us at ask.gerstein@utoronto.ca or see the detailed instructions on the MyAlerts page.








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