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electronic resources newsletter from the Gerstein Science Information Centre

Volume 6, Issue 1/ October 2004      
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1. RefWorks: a new citation management services
2. News re my.alerts
3. Update on Faculty of 1000
4. T-Space
5. Loansome Doc Service
6. HubMed
7. Fall Instruction Schedule
8. MEDLINE/PubMed appointments always available

9. Previous issue contents


6. HubMed

HubMed-Keeping up with the Literature

HubMed is a new, alternative interface to PubMed that uses powerful features to help you keep abreast of new literature with ease. It is an alternative to searching Web of Science.

You can:

  • Keep up-to-date from alerts about new research on your topic via RSS news feeds

  • Post comments on articles

  • Download records into bibliographic software such as EndNote

The simple, clean interface is easy to use. Simply enter your search terms in the box.


HubMed's special features allow you to integrate your queries into your everyday activities. For example:

RSS feeds of your searches can be updated daily by putting your search results into your newsreader, such as NewzCrawler or NetNewsWire.


You can also conduct your searches using HubMed's bookmarklet directly from your tool bar. No need to visit the home page each time; the java applet allows you to enter your search and get the results quickly. Simply drag the link to your toolbar.


HubMed's other features include the ability to import citations to bibliographic software, such as EndNote and Procite.

The TrackBack feature allows you to post comments about an article for others to read. TrackBack is a peer-to-peer communication system that allows comments and conversations between weblogs.

For more information on HubMed features and instructions on getting started, visit http://www.hubmed.org/. Or contact Rita Vine at 419-946-4041.



@ Gerstein is a publication for the health and life sciences community at the University of Toronto. It is intended to keep readers informed of new electronic resources which are available at U of T. It replaces the former Life Science Resources News and the Electronic Information Update for the Health Sciences.

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