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Volume 5, Issue 2 / January 2004      
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1. New digital resources for medicine
2. Trial: SkolarMD
3. Global books in Print and Ulrich's Periodical Directory
4. Encyclopedia of Chromatography now available
5. MEDLINE/PubMed appointments always available at Gerstein
6. Database classes at Gerstein for January & February announced
1. New digital resources:
          Anatomia 1522-1867
          Discovery & Early Development of Insulin 1920-1925


University of Toronto Libraries announce the launch of Anatomia 1522-1867: Anatomical Plates from the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. It features examples of early anatomical illustrations from the Library’s Hannah and Academy of Medicine collections.

The site displays approximately 4,500 images published between 1522 and 1867. Each illustration has been fully described and indexed using MeSH (MEDLINE’s subject headings). The site includes high-resolution scans of each illustration delivered with image streaming software which allows close examination of the illustration techniques used. The graphical interface Picture your search allows users to pinpoint areas of interest using a layered anatomical figure.

This site will be of interest to medical historians, illustrators, and anyone studying the history of art or graphic technique. It is located at http://digital.library.utoronto.ca/anatomia/.

Discovery and Early Development of Insulin

Another recent addition to UTL digital collections of interest to the medical historian is the recently launched Discovery and Early Development of Insulin, 1920-1925, at http://digital.library.utoronto.ca/insulin/.



@ Gerstein is a publication for the health and life sciences community at the University of Toronto. It is intended to keep readers informed of new electronic resources which are available to them; with volume 5 number 1, it replaces the former Life Science Resources News and the Electronic Information Update for the Health Sciences.

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