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Volume 5, Issue 1 / October 2003      
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1. Important news re PubMed & fulltext

Recently the U of T library has turned on access to both its fulltext links and information about its print copies via the PubMed url.

There are two important implications for users:(1) you can see links to both fulltext and an indication of paper copies held at U of T when you do a PubMed search but (2) you must access PubMed via the appropriate url to see the links. The commonly used short url www.pubmed.gov will not give you an indication of which journals Uof T affiliated users can obtain in either fulltext or paper copy.

For example, at PubMed citation #14530075 accessed via the appropriate url, you will see:

Click here to read       Click here to read

Click here to read       Click here to read

accessing this citation via http://www.pubmed.gov will not indicate these images.

For the most complete information about titles available to the U of T community via PubMed in either format, use the link to PubMed from the Gerstein homepage (http://www.library.utoronto.ca/gerstein) or the UTL e-indexes page (http://link.library.utoronto.ca/eir/EIRsearch.cfm?T=I). Move your mouse over the PubMed link on these pages and watch the url at the bottom of the window change to a very long string of characters. The many additional letters at the end of the destination url indicate various consortial arrangements and a database which has information about U of T print holdings.

There are publishers who have not signed an agreement with PubMed and care must be used to track down fulltext from these publishers. For example, American Psychological Association journals are available electronically to the U of T community via PsycArticles but there is no link to their titles in fulltext via PubMed, even though PubMed indexes the APA journals. For these publishers, users still need to check the UTL catalogue and the UTL e-journals listing.

If you do use www.pubmed.gov and want to see articles which are freely available anywhere, do your search and combine with the statement: AND free full text[sb] For example, type into the search box:

Breast cancer AND free full text[sb]


To access PubMed:

1. Go to Gerstein Library homepage: www.library.utoronto.ca/gerstein/

2. Click on “PubMed” under Medical Databases



@ Gerstein is a publication for the health and life sciences community at the University of Toronto. It is intended to keep readers informed of new electronic resources which are available to them; with volume 5 number 1, it replaces the former Life Science Resources News and the Electronic Information Update for the Health Sciences.

To receive email notification of future issues, send your name and email address to the editor.
Susanne Tabur: Email susanne.tabur@utoronto.ca ; Telephone 416-978-7663

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